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Blood Work - movie review

This is one of Clint's lesser works, and made $26 mil on a budget twice that..

It's a slower pace movie and feels more like a TV episode than a full movie. There is something comforting to see Clint in action, even at his age (it was 2002 when they made this), but it doesn't work as well as his older Dirty Harry movies. There is a tone similar to Zodiac, but it just doesn't have the pacing, nor the action to keep up.

Good enough for a rental.

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The Cave - movie review

If you are a fan of climbing, thrillers, and don't mind suspending your disbelief or groan at the poor acting, this movie has a lot going for it. There are good sets, with some excellent climbing sequences, and in spite of the fact that it's 'only' a DVD, the surround effects are top shape and you get a yarn that mixes some Aliens with Pitch Black and even Prometheus..

Good enough for a rental, and I often use this to showcase what a good surround setup can do, even with lossy audio.

A keeper for me.

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Thunderbolt - movie review

Got round to another oldie, this one by the master of stunt himself, Jackie Chan. If you felt the adrenaline rush whilst watching the recent movie "Rush", then you will get 10 times the cardiac jolt from this action thriller.
There is no CGI and the stunts are amazing. The plot is almost by the way, but essentially Jackie plays a car garage owner, who has to race the main villain to rescue his sister.

There's plenty of car candy and eye candy too, and those who miss the old madhat, Jackie martial art sequences will relish this show, as he takes on legions of baddies in almost impossible stunts, and Ken Lo, who is his bodyguard in real life play an amazing villain who is almost the match of him.

The video transfer and sound on this older release DVD is nothing to shout about, and the dynamics are a little flat, but what happens in the show will make you more forgiving.

Recommended for race and action fans.


Running Out of Time - movie review

Watched an oldie, produced in 1999, when the two Laus were still young, and botox free..
Classic Johnnie To stuff, centred around characters and a good plot instead of merely pyrotechnics or a big production. It pits Andy Lau as a sort of baddie with 4 weeks left to live against the negotiator cop with no social life, Sean Lau. They compete wits against each other and also against the clock as Andy suffers from some fatal illness.

The other cops are made to look silly, as these two slug it out in mental battles amidst a jewel heist.
Lam Suet, and some of the others (the Viet guy from PTU) are also in this show. The girl on the bus is now Ekin Cheng's wife..
It has a front heavy soundstage, but it's decent enough fair, and you are intently listening in on the wit, and please make sure you watch this in Cantonese for the best content.
Recommended for all fans of Johnnie's work and also of classic Hong Kong cinema. This was made before big money from China, and the oblig…

Song Kee fishball

Highly recommended...
Good chili and home made, tender fishballs..

Song Kee Fishball Noodle
532 Upper Serangoon Road
Singapore 534547 Operating Hours:
Thursday to Tuesday: 6.30 pm – 3 am (or sold out)
Closed on Wednesdays.

Fixing the Empty Trash Error - 8003

I accidentally sent some Time Machine files to the trash, and after that, I got this Error Code -8003.
Firstly don't do that, let TM handle full drives.
Then if you are stuck, use a simple program called Trashit:!/

Highly recommended...

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Creating Ambient Lighting for TV Viewing

TV viewing in total darkness can cause eye strain and some ambient lighting will help relieve this.
For folks who are interested to add bias lighting to their TV, here's something you can try

and you can just add it on to your amazon orders to enjoy free shipping.

- it covers a 64" TV, you will need to trim for smaller TVs.
- best to have two people to hold it and to peel off the sticky strip as you stick.
- I would suggest you avoid placing it right at the edge as it may be too obvious.
- get someone to turn off the lights and assess how far from the edge you want it, if you place it too near the edge you may not like the brightness
- remember the USB end tends to stick out and you have to give some room for it to turn especially if the USB port on your TV is close to the edge

I have no financial interest or other interests in any of the items / events I write about.

Non-Stop - movie review


is an interesting action thriller with a strong element of who-dunit on a plane. It stars Liam Neeson, who at 61 is the go to person for someone who can play a thinking man's action hero, taking up where Harrison Ford left years ago. He can think, and yet packs a mean punch despite his years, and carries a back story of loss and sadness which adds an element of sympathy.
This movie has a simple idea, an air marshal has to find who is demanding a ransom of 150 million to prevent someone dying every 20 mins. A little like Speed in the air.
With someone like Liam Neeson, who has proven he can act in heavy movies like Schindler’s list, and can pack a punch in the “Taken” series, he carries the movie well aided by other actors like Julianne Moore, who plays a co-passenger with a mysterious past that is never quite fully explained even until the end.
There is an obligatory Muslim man, and other stereotypes who provide red herrings whilst Liam tries to figure who is the real …