Buying A New AVR or AV Amp: things to look out for

- at least 7.1 capability with built in amps
- latest sound formats:
DD, DTS are basic, you also want Tru-HD and DTS-MA as a standard as well more 3D formats like DTS-X, Dolby Atmos.
These days, not only the video gets upscaled, but you also have upscaling of sound, using tech from Dolby and DTS: Dolby Surround and DTS- Neural X.

You can never have enough power and do note that what they state on the box seldom gets realised in real life. Look at the power consumption for an idea. Eg, if the power drawn from the wall is 700W, and there are 9 channels, even if the amp has an efficiency of 80%, that means you won't see more than 60W per channel when all channels are operating.

However if you live in a domestic setting like a flat and use a subwoofer, this will be enough if you use typical speakers. More power allows you to use less efficient speakers and will give you more dynamism and headroom for the explosive moments.

HDMI inputs and version.

For 3D, you only need HDMI v1.4 but …

Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom movie review

If you liked the shock factor combined with the technology, and decent action built in, this movie will please the original fans as well as attract new ones to the franchise.
It feels a little like the suspense thrillers of yore ala Alien but it does fall a little short as though you have seen it before, with a basic theme of greed causing science to go awry.
But the CGI is amazing and Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas form a good pairing. Not as much romance or humor as the last installment but a good outing nevertheless.
Action fans will be pleased and the surround effects come from everywhere, even topside.
Bass is thunderous and the volume dial is turned all the way up to 12.. Watch out when the volcano 🌋 explodes!
There are new creatures as expected but you do get to see your old favorites too.
They do leave enough room for yet another sequel.

Dynaudio Factory Visit

Ever wondered what the insides of your speaker would look like? Or what goes into making and designing one? I have always been fascinated by the process of manufacture and the technical details of each product I use or own. So when the opportunity came for me to go and see the Dynaudio factory, I literally jumped at it!

I was invited to their factory by the local dealership and I joined a bunch of dealers from Australia and New Zealand to Skanderborg near Aarhus in Denmark the HQ of this renowned speaker brand. Here, they design, measure and make the world famous speakers. You take a flight from a major European city (we came from the Munich High End Show), and then it's a 30 minute car ride to the factory, and if you come in late spring, you will see fields of canola or rapeseed flowering. 

Now as many who are familiar with the audiophile world would know, the Chinesecompany Goerterk bought over the company in 2014 and fans of this brand will be keen to know if there has been any c…

How to fix a dented Dynaudio tweeter

Imagine if one day you invite a friend over and he brings his kid, who promptly decides to explore your sound system and give the tweeter of your prized Dynaudio system a poke..
Is life over?
Can you justify the manslaughter charges?
Well I recently consulted Roland Hoffman from Dynaudio and this is his advice:

Firstly you can still salvage your friendship.. well 90% of it to be more precise. Because if you manage to pop it out, you will get most of the sound back. The directivity may change a bit but the sound should be ok.

Now Otto has previously suggested using the sucking method. That requires a no contact dry approach .. and a big mouth with great skill. Plus lots of privacy.. because you don't really want to be caught by your other half in a compromising position down on your knees locking lips with your precious Esotar..

Roland has suggested a simpler method. First make sure your hands are dry. Then gently from all sides using the flat part of your nail to posh the…

Sony Z9D 75” TV Review

My old plasma gave up the ghost recently, and I had to look for a new TV. I was not interested in a projector, simply because the setup is more difficult for my family and the net size I could achieve in my den will not be more than 80” or so, so that option was not practical or worth it. Furthermore I did not want to use it in a totally dark room as others will be using the room too.
So some may jump in and ask, why not OLED? Indeed the blacks on a 2018 OLED are very impressive, but the cost of >65” panels is much higher, so it meant that I had to restrict myself to LED/LCD panels to meet my budget of under US$8000.
I actually wanted to wait for HDMI 2.1, but no TV released this year will have it.
Now the Z9D was reaching the end of it’s run, and whilst Sony is not well known for cutting prices, they usually give more discounts when it’s a runout model. So it meant that I could get the flagship model for not much more than the lower end 2017 choices.
I also consider the 85” X9000F, …