Budget large TV options

It's good news for all members and everyone in SG.
We now have real options for the lower end. Previously one will need to spend above 5k for a 65" and now amazingly they are available at around the one grand mark.
But the caveat is that you gain inches of acreage, but do check if the spec sheet, the feature list and also the picture quality matches your needs and expectations. Don't forget, whatever price you pay, you want it to last for quite a few years (in my books, 5 years for a budget set is good) and that what you see is what you want. Otherwise TVs aren't like other items - they are much harder to sell and so, choose wisely.
From the larger mainstream brands, we have some offers, and some are past year models, so be careful what you choose and see if they suit your needs. LG, Samsung and even Sony have some models in the under 2k range, and past year models may be even cheaper.
Be careful of certain shops which do a switcheroo... they offer a 65" TV at an…

Choosing A Gate For Your New House

A home is only as strong as it's weakest point, but the gate is also a statement piece which greets all your visitors when they first see your home.

As with most things in life, you have to figure out:

- budget
- style
- space and ergonomics

The basic gate is a wrought iron one, sometimes set with pieces of wood on it and has two pieces which open in the centre. It's seen in many homes around the world and is rather timeless. You have to decide if they open out or inwards. Technically all gates are meant to open inwards so they do not encroach onto the road, unless you also own the space directly in front of your home.

Some of them also have a small door built in, to allow human access without opening the whole gate. Other design variations include whether there are patterns, the gap between the grilles and how much privacy do you want.

Swing gates tend to be quite maintenance free, especially if they are manual. The main issue is the larger space needed and it may not be suitable if…

Apple TV vs Movie Anywhere vs Amazon Video plus HDR vs Dolby Vision

(added a couple of pics since the original posts as some folks doubt what we saw)..

Whilst physical media is not bound for the Smithsonian yet, streaming has taken off in a big way and you can have your ice cream in many different flavours now..
The current main players in this world of movie streaming are 1 - Apple TV and the iTunes ecosystem 2- Google 3- Amazon Video

I’ve previously written about it here:

Movies Anywhere (MA), Fandango and Vudu These are interesting sites, which collate the movies in which you can redeem your digital codes, and they are available as apps to watch the movies you redeem on it.
One very important point is that you have to do some homework on which site is best for you. Not all movies will redeem in 4k and not all will do Atmos.
So, the million dollar question is are they all the same?
Well a friend and I decided to do an informal comparison.
He had access to VPN and we could use…

Hotel Artemis movie review

Jodie Foster is one actress that is capable of lifting almost any movie from mediocre to thought provoking and interesting. She does have her work cut out for her here but she largely succeeds.

The movie is set in a dystopian LA during a massive riot that threatens to engulf the city in total chaos.

Hotel Artemis is a refuge and a hospital for the criminals. No questions asked and all wounds fixed, even a new liver too. But you have to be a member.

With half a dozen desperate and wounded lions and tigers trapped in such a chaotic place, expect mayhem, bloodshed and plenty of tense action.

There are plot twists too and some level of character development.

The ensemble cast, with some heavy hitters try their best to make this show a little better than just another shootout.

Good chemistry and plenty of action to satisfy the fans. David Bautista and Jodie Foster are the standouts here but everyone plays their part.

Recommended for a rent at least.

Redeeming Your Digital Code and buying digital copies

The Digital Copy is now more than just an afterthought.
If you purchase a recent disc, chances are there is some digital version of the movie included. But the devil is in the details..
Previously older digital versions required you to go to the movie distributor website to redeem this digital movie. Eg, a Fox movie might ask you to visit their redemption site. This is a problem for us as the site will check if you are in the states or not. Likewise if you buy a UK Blu Ray disc, you may be only able to redeem it in UK and so on.
Nowadays there are more consolidated sites, such as Movies Anywhere (MA), which allows you to punch in the code and redeem the movie. Even if the redemption paper does not specifically state MA, you can try.
Then you have to choose to redeem it on Google, iTunes etc 
iTunes itself also has redemption codes and that's the issue...
Some movies only redeem in HD instead of 4k on certain sites, or the sound decoding is merely Dolby Digital 5.1 instead of Atmos …

Starke SW12 subwoofer review