Terminator Dark Fate Movie Review


"I'll be back"...

These are some of the most iconic and most often quoted phrases in movie history. And yes Arnie is back as the Terminator, and there are other stars who make it back in this sixth instalment of the franchise. 

So how good is T6?

Well the plot is familiar actually, save a new girl from the latest Terminator, and he gets help from a motley crew of people, including one Linda Hamilton, who took a year to get into shape, and is one kick ass senior citizen who stares at Botox and facelifts in the face and blows them away. Now this is one hot babe who knows how to age gracefully. 

Like T1 andT2, the cast is dominated by strong female characters, who don't just scream under pressure, nor do they shy away from making decisions within seconds and aren't complaining about broken nails or the wet floor and dirt every other minute. In fact Arnie does not even appear until the second third of the show. 

T2 won almost uni…

Taming a Square Room With Two Subs, REW and the Mini-DSP HD

This was my room when we began...

Hellboy 2019 movie review


Sigh... now why do they need to remake this.....The positives:The new one has solid CGI, the lead really tries to be the Hellboy and the action sequences aren't half bad. The BR disc is likely to be a demo disc, but...
The bad:Well, they lack one big thing... the story... the old Dr Broom had emotion, he connected with his son, and the son had issues, and we emphatise with him. He even had typical youth issues, with boy girl problems, being a bum, and making his home a mess, and yes, even issues with using his powers. The monsters and action were the icing on the cake, the cast worked well together there, whereas here, it's hard to connect with this lot.
2/5 Grab the BR disc for a spin when it ends up in the sale bin...

Spiderman - Far From Home movie review

I enjoy action movies but the best movies that I really watch a few times are those where the action is a medium which helps in the main plot. Sure I also enjoy movies where you switch your brain off for two hours but the best ones also have a story, with humor mixed in and a dose of romance too. The Indiana Jones series remains my gold standard. But Spiderman comes close.

Spider-Man is one of the most popular of all the superheroes. However if you just look at his superpowers it may seem surprising. When you pit a short wall crawling web slinger against someone like Thanos who destroys planets with a snap of his fingers Spider-Man seems puny and vulnerable. He is also poor, short and struggles with school and even girlfriend issues. He is insecure despite his powers and talks about making ends meet more than saving the world, let alone the universe.
Yet these daily bread issues make him highly relevant and much easier to relate to. His lack of invincibility is also one of his major…