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Visiting Singapore

So you are visiting Singapore, first time or a repeat visitor? Well here's some useful info on where to eat, stay and more :)
Contents: 1 - food 2 - places to stay 3 - things to see
First food:
Forget fancy restaurants, you come to SG for the hawker fare.. Singapore Sling is ok, but you should try the stuff WE eat, and we don't go to Newton Circus..
Some useful links:
30 Famous Local Foods To Eat In Singapore Before You Die - Seth Lui
30 Famous Local Foods To Eat In Singapore Before You D...
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Using LED lights - tips and info

Just an update and sharing something about those LED lights.

It's the in thing now to install LED instead of PLC or or similar energy saving lights. But a LED light needs power, which is supplied by a transformer, and this can be inbuilt, such as those ceiling lights eg:

Or it can be an external brick, such as this:

And some planning is needed for this. If we get shoddy goods, and that said brick is concealed, it will be pretty hard to retrieve it or change it. So some forward planning is needed, and that way, one can consider how to replace it when it goes south.

The life of an LED driver is mainly determined by the lifetime of the electrolytic capacitors employed. Therefore, to achieve long life of the LED drivers, it is critical to select long-life, quality electrolytic capacitors. Also, since the life of electrolytic capacitors drops by half for every 10°C increase in operating temperature, thermal management of these components is important. Two key …