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Getting good HT sound in small spaces and placing speakers on a console

It is my observation in recent times that when some of the new people to the fun world of HT have asked for advice in setting up their new HT den and systems,they are considering placing their front speakers onto their new consoles.

We don't really have a choice for the centre speaker, it has to sit somewhere central, and that's usually where the console is.

But bear in mind, that the average console that your contractor / ID uses, is made out of plywood, MDF or some similar material. All these will resonate like a drum. So unless you are willing to invest in some isolation or dampening material, you won't be getting the best out of your speakers.

If you really need to put the centre speaker on a console, use good solid wood for the console, like Teak, Mahogany etc. And use dampeners like Auralex Mopads under them.

The name "bookshelf speakers" is a true misnomer. Bookshelf speakers are not meant to be on bookshelves, cabinets, or the like. Standmount …

Choosing surround speakers

The basic principle is to use the speakers from the same series, or at least the same brand for a similar sonic signature.

Did I audition the surrounds?

I didn't see the point. Why? It's simple, surrounds are not meant to draw attention to themselves. They are meant to spread out the sound and envelop you in an ambience so you believe that you are immersed in the surround experience.

I am a big fan of dipoles/bipoles for the complete HT experience. Some advocate monopoles or direct radiating speakers for pinpoint effects, but I believe in an immersive spread of sound.

More important than merely buying speakers is where you place them and there are other posts and articles online on this. The speakers should be 60-90 cm above your ears.

I have come from a pair of Eltax to PSB to the MA. I like bipoles & dipoles. You can read up on the difference and how they should be setup online.
Some links:
A Guide to Bipolar, Dipolar, & Direct-Radiating Monopole Surround Speaker…

RIP Dr Richard Teo: A timely reminder of how to spend our lives

This article is not about any gear, or movie I saw recently. Instead it is a reminder that whatever gear we accumulate, lust after or spend hours poring over, can't be brought when we die.

Whilst we spend time on our gear, let us also remember to step out of our den and into the sunlight and get out there, smell the roses, spend time with our loved ones and to touch someone out there positively.

When the day comes for us to meet God, let us be able to stand humbly with reverence and be judged that we spent our days well.

This was taken off another site:

Farewell Dr Richard Teo,   who had everything, money, youth and more, but was taken back to be with the Lord. At least he got the peace he needed before he left.

Recorded at the Dental Christian Fellowship , on 24 Nov 2011, 8 months after his diagnosis.

Richard would have liked to share this with you. We are doing this to continue his work.

Please have a …

Open Net - Tips and info on installation

Just had a contractor do the installation for my place recently...

First, a link to their website:

Depending on your type of abode, there may be a schedule to install this, unless your area has been covered by the installers, then it may cost you extra.

If you live in a flat / condo, there will be some timing and appointments and you also need to go to their website to log in too. It's all on their website.

The first 10m run of cable into your home is free, including the casing, but it's quite ugly, so if you have a false ceiling to conceal it, that's better.For anyone planning a renovation, do factor in the cabling, Cat 5/6 cables, and note that optical cables like to run in straight lines and are not good at bending around corners.

Add enough points for Cat 6 around your home, and at locations where you will find it ergonomic to connect your desktop or laptop.

Also note that the Open Net box needs to mounted vertically and they are quite anal a…