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National Day Rally 2010: English text of Malay speech

National Day Rally 2010: English text of Malay speech English text of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's National Day Rally 2010 in Malay. -AsiaOne

Sun, Aug 29, 2010
This is the English text of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's National Day Rally 2010 in Malay.
Our economy has rebounded from the downturn last year. Businesses are thriving, companies are hiring more workers, and we can look forward to more overtime and higher bonuses.
The future looks bright, but we still have to work hard to continue prospering. The region offers many opportunities to Singapore companies and professionals. But we must also upgrade our domestic economy, to create better jobs for workers here. After all, most of our people will always be working here in Singapore.
Our strategy is to raise the productivity of our workers. Workers should upgrade their skills and acquire new ones. Low-skilled workers are under the most press…

From Paris With Love

From Paris With LoveLets get it out of the way, this movie won’t win any Academy Awards, and it is the very definition of OTT – over the top. And it was a blast – literally and loads of fun.John Travolta has given us plenty of hits and some misses over the years and I reckon he took the best bits of all his action movies and put it here. Its like some casting director told him to blend “Swordfish”, “Face Off”, “Broken Arrow”, “Pulp Fiction” and ham it up to the max, whilst pretending to be his own version of Bond and Bourne. This kicks Salt out of the ring easily.Jonathan Rhys is there for the ride and his wooden acting makes a perfect counterfoil for the super OTT nature of Charlie Wax, the chrome dome that JT plays here. Wax is obnoxious, but he is right, he is fast to shoot, and he hits his target, leaving a trail of dead spies, terrorists and mimes in Paris (ok, I made the last one up…) The pace is blistering, especially once Wax shines – ha ha. There are some efforts to inject dr…

NDP 2010 1555


B/W CM series opinion

Some threads: CM series is not as popular as the 6 series due to a couple of reasons IMO:- HT, the 6 series is more value for HT and the smoother tone of the CM series does not encourage B/W enthusiasts to get it- cost - as we all are aware, when it is compared to others in its class, you can find alternatives which are less costly. Its the same reason why Marantz is so popular. It costs significantly less in Singapore compare to other brands which are priced at the same band in other markets.As for the sonic tone, it falls into a "nice" and "safe" sound - so it is none fatiguing, warm and easy to listen to for background music. It lacks the hump in the bass range like the MA RS 6, so that may not endear it to buyers looking for the "thump thump" kind of bass, and it is not high or treble happy and won't appeal to those who for…