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Buying And Taking Delivery Of Your New TV - things to look out for

This post is a good reminder for all readers to avoid any unhappiness and misunderstand. After all, you just spend a whole ton of green on that shiny new flatscreen TV.

First, before you leave the store, get in writing what you want.
Take note of the sale person's name, and better yet, get his contact number. We are not talking about a generic store phone number, which no ones tends to pick up, but his or her own cellphone.Check the delivery date.Write down on the deliver invoice on what you expect:Installation required?Wall Mount?Cabling or extra trunking or even electrical work?Type of socket (USA or UK socket - get the right plug)Timings of delivery and installationNarrow down the time frame, so you are not stuck at home the whole day. Check on the actual number of years of warranty, and what they cover.If you buy extra insurance or coverage, see what they cover, and if the entire set is spoilt, will they replace it and with what kind of set of and are there any surcharges.
Ask f…

Plans to bring BTO prices to around 4 years of salary: Khaw - entire article

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Plans to bring BTO prices to around 4 years of salary: Khaw Minister Khaw Boon Wan said that they have stopped BTO prices from rising, and are now looking at ways to bring down prices to around 4 years of salary. -AsiaOne

Sat, Mar 09, 2013
SINGAPORE - A relook at current public housing policies is necessary in the light of significant demographic and economic changes, National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan said yesterday in Parliament.
He added that the primary mission of HDB to offer an affordable flat for the majority of Singaporeans will remain unchanged.
"We have stopped BTO prices from rising by delinking them from resale prices. We can now pause and see what else we can do to bring BTO prices in non-mature estates to s…

I want that rumble in my sofa and the thump in the chest - part III

I have been doing this for a while, and with the aid of the XT 32 of the new Denon 4520 and the twin sub (JL Audio F113) and Hsu MBM MK II, things have got better.
But there is no substitute for measuring the bass response.
I have posted before about the dip in response in my sitting position, which ranged roughly from 60-120 Hz.

But unless one measures it more definitively, it's hard to correct. You could hire someone, or ask for help, but sometimes friends aren't free, so you just have to find a way. I tried going the PC way, but it proved too complicated for a PC idiot like myself, so I sat down with my sine wave CD, and my SPL meter, a pen and paper.

I set the volume to be around 80db, playing through all 11 channels, and two subs. Then measured the db level as the CD swept from 10Hz to 300kHz.  I manually noted the db level for each 10Hz step in frequency change.

I found dips in the 30 Hz (-3db), 60 (-4db), and some peaks. So I then played with the ELF, the tri…

Adelphi article from Stereo Times


 A nice article about Adelphi


Once upon a time there was a grand dame.
As a wealthy fin-de-siecle tourist landing in Singapore from Europe or the Americas, you would want to live in the best hotel, where you can attend the best balls and listen to the best Dixieland bands or chamber orchestras in town. There were only three choices; the Raffles, the Hotel De L’√Čurope, and the Adelphi.
In the early 21st century, the grand dame has reinvented herself. Ever the attention-seeker but never the dilettante, she manages to retain a reputation for genuine sophistication, still being the go-to place for a high end auditory experience, except now through electronic equipment. Rebuilt from the ashes of that beautiful three-storey hotel, she is today a 999-year commercial leasehold p…