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Redeeming Digital Media Codes - the new frontier in movie playback

Remember the days when one had shelves of discs? A whole wall filled with your collection of all kinds of media, from DVDs to Blu Ray to 4k and of course some CDs and even LPs... then trying to remember where that particular title was kept? Nowadays, many things are kept online, and you just need a media player. 

The good news is that many discs also come with a digital code, which allows you to redeem the same movie online.

I must say.. I have been slow to try this new way of keeping movies. When space becomes a premium, keeping movies online or in a cloud form makes sense.
However are there any compromises?

Firstly you need to choice a platform. There are quite a few:
Vudu, Movies Anwaywhere (MA), Ultraviolet, Flixster, iTunes to name a few..

Some are proprietary, such as iTunes, others like Movies Anywhere give you the option of using different platforms to be linked with. For example, you can key a code into MA, then link it to iTunes.

The devil is in the details though.. as not every mo…

Den of Thieves movie review

This is like a Heat lite... taking the heist element of that movie, then milking some emotion part out of it. There are also Now You See Me surprise twist parts in it, just so it does not appear to be a straight up heist movie. Does it work?
Well I chose to focus on what it does well: The action. There's plenty of surround, good fight scenes and that for me, makes up for the wooden acting and the rather unnecessary relationship angle thrown in to make the lead more 'human'. A whole chunk could have been cut out without missing a beat.

So is it a buy, rental or a skip it? I would say it's a rental at least and if it comes cheap, worth a leap of faith for action aficionados.