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Checklist when buying a new aircon

Whenever you look at prices do check out:
- type of aircon, whether it's the latest
- the compressor, is it the right match
- type of components supplied - tubing, pipes, insulation
- does it cover replacement of existing pipes
- will they run in the walls and conceal it?
- is it the same cost for condos / landed (typically landed costs more due to more pipes and the concealment)

If you are looking out for energy consumption, bear in mind the balance of needs:
A Five Star Energy Rating may mean the aircon is less able to cool especially if you have multiple air cons running at once.

The compressor size is important, make sure it's powerful enough.

I sacrificed star rating to get an aircon unit which is able to handle the needs of a living room,  and I don't usually turn it on there, except when there are guest. However, in my bedroom, I used a five star unit for energy since it's probably going to run all night and daily. 

- however, if you have a big hall, you do need a larger B…

Setting Up A Home Theatre Room Part II : Equipment List

As part of the new den some equipment will be ported over and others will be refresh:

Sony ZD9 75"
(Sony TV review)
Denon AVC X8500H (Denon AVC X8500H review) Marantz PM 11S3 : 2 channel stereo amp with HTbypass and 100W per channel driving the front pair of Dynaudio Confidence 1 Platinum
Marantz PM 11 S3) ( Dynaudio C1 Platinum Review )
Sony UDP X800 (Sony UBP X800 Review )
Sony UDP X700 Marantz NA11S1 as a DAC and network player Dynaudio Confidence C1 and Centre Platinum front and centre Usher 520 rear back Monitor Audio RXFX in dipole mode for side surrounds JL Audio E112  Anthony Gallo A'Diva for ceiling Atmos placement  QED XT Revelations for front and centre speakers QED Micro speaker cable for the surrounds
Audioquest Cinnamon HDMI for Oppo 83Nuforce to amp AQ Forest HDMI cable - Set top box to TV and other sources
Monoprice Premium Cables from 4k players to amp and onwards to the TV Audioquest Snake subwoofer cable  Blue Jean subwoofer cable Wireworld Oasis 6 & 7 Interconnects Wireworld…

The Renozilla ... IDs and builders beware... (things you should spend on during renovations and those you can save on)

Usually there's a woman in the picture. But it could also be a man!  As vehemently as she may deny it, she wants her first home to be the front page of Home and Decor. Get her friends over, then tell them "oh, I didn't do much la..., just threw a few things together.." then when her friends press for more info, she will tell them how she slaved over the details, fought with the countless IDs who had the misfortune to cross her path and how she watched her builder like a hawk, squeezed the vendors for the discounts and clawed her way into making her place into a palace, only she will be proud of.. Where is her husband in all of this... selling kopi or busking at the pier after work to pay for all the renovations.. which will be worth absolutely nuts when they sell in 10 years time..

 I always say if you have the budget, sure.. but you can't value your renovations at what you paid. I have been to friends' homes and I squirm at what they call haute coutre.. but it&#…

Setting Up A Home Theatre Room Part I

It's been a while and that's because I have been busy with my latest project:

Moving my home theatre den into a new spot:

This is the top floor room, and to give some specs:

4m wide, 3.8m long, 3.05m height.
The ceiling is a false ceiling with a steep roof above it - there is about another 2-3m clearance from the false ceiling board to the actual roof tiles - that is a challenge as I will elaborate more on later..

Some pics first:

It's a tiny room when you compare it to the barn sized projects you see in Oz and stateside, but it's my home :)

They are tearing down right now, and will begin wiring up for a 9.2.4 project in due course. More later... 

Some notes:

Wooden cross beams 
Cables in laid into concrete side walls