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Aliens Convenant, The King's Case Notes, Shockwave and other short reviews

Alien : Convenant
This is like "A Series Of Unfortunate Events In Space"... There's an eagerness to skip the metaphysical, philosophical style established in it's precedent, and instead move back to the shock and scare mode used in Episode I. However the plot suffers as we move from one poorly timed event to the next. It's almost like the director said, "ok, I shall give you 20 minutes or so to go slow-mo, then let's skip the plot and move onto the scare tactics." For Alien fans, it's worth a rental, likewise for demo and surround fans.
The King's Case Note This Korean Sherlock sort of show does enough to engage you cerebrally and peppers it with sufficient humor and intrigue to keep you interested for a rental. 
Pirates: Dead Men Tell No Tales Enough action and just about sufficient humor to keep Pirate Franchise fans happy, and brings it to a conclusion. Rental at best, unless you are a action or demo fan.
A Hong Kong action thri…

Baywatch, The Mummy, Megan Leavey

The reboot sees the prerequisite babes, bods and beach, with The Rock taking the lead, and a very pumped up Zac Affron, who is probably meant to attract the younger crowd. Add a few more fresh faces, a rough semblance of a plot that could have been pulled out of a Famous Five novel, spice it up with plenty of smut and foul language, and make sure the beautiful bodies are on full display and that's the movie. Does it work, well somewhat.. it's worth a worth, especially if the above items appeal to you, but rent first, and see how you feel.

The Mummy
Tom Cruise tries his hand at a fusion of Indiana Jones, with some Dirk Pitt thrown in, and it's spun into a Mummy based plot with elements of Jekyll vs Hyde and some elements of a superhero seasoning on top. Does it work? Well... it's a rental.. at best I am afraid. It's a case of not bad, but just not.. not funny enough, not actioned packed enough, and the delivery, chemistry are nice but just not too great when ben…

Do You Really Need To Follow Every Update Issued For Your Gear?

That old adage still applies:
" if it ain't broken, don't fix it .. " Unless there's something obviously wrong or it's a function you really desire, don't blindly upgrade or update. That goes for amps, players or even TVs. If you are really itching to do it, wait a few days, see if someone discovers a glitch or two, then plunge in. That is even more important when you can't easily restore the original firmware. Safety first.

The Shack – Movie Review

Religion themed movies aren't usually associated with the mainstream, and they usually pop the champagne if they break even. One of the recent ones which defied expectation was the Blind Side, but that was primarily a sport movie with a hint of Christianity as an icing. Here is a show, with some A-listers and some veterans who aren't some old actors hoping for a quick paycheck. The people involved are certainly heavy hitters and it's overtly religious themes will polarize audiences. So was it damp squib, or a spirited hit on high? The story isn't new, a man loses his daughter to an awful pedophile murderer. He mets his maker, in three unusual forms and they try to help him find peace and answer that perennial question asked since Job lost his kids and possessions: "Where is God when it hurts?" Well, the film works simply because the actors really commit to their roles, be it the two Aussies as the husband and wife who lose their youngest, or the trio…