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A change of Surround Speakers

My original side surround speakers were an excellent PSB 10S Bipoles. But due to a structural issue, I originally had them mounted high up on a shelf, about 2.2m above the floor and about 4 feet above my listening position. This resulted in an uneven sound experience and the Audyssey compensated by turning up my left surround much louder than my right. Furthermore, i could not get the enveloping effect I was used to with my old setup, as the speakers were near the ceiling, and a little recessed on the Ikea shelf. Now you may think that it was no big deal, but it resulted in a rather unsatisfactory ambience and it was hard to feel the surround experience I had created before.
So I decided on a few options: a - bring them down and drill a hole into them and mounted them underneath the old shelf in an underslung fashion.  b- I also researched into the Monitor Audio options, since I was already using them for the front speakers. This seemed to be the better option for a few reasons.
One the d…

If you have $6000 to spend on a HT system

Now let's see:For a small HDB bedroom setup...What do I like - caveat, this is my personal taste...Leaving 1.5 to 2k for an AV amp. I would suggest stretching to something with XT 32. That will be nice, but if that's too high, get a XT equipped one that has 7-9 channels of amps, so that even if you don't use it, it will have enough power reserve.Now I am partial to Denons, and will readily recommend the 4311 for < 2.5k, but that could be too much, so an Onkyo 3xxx will also provide XT 32, especially if you can score a 2nd had one.
Otherwise it will be a XT version.
Personally I prefer that to the other auto-EQ systems.That leaves the 3312 Denon, and the Marantz 7005, which are pretty similar inside. Under 1.8kFor speakers, there are many alternatives, so spend time to check them out.
It is your loss if you only audition at one shop.
B/W speakers are great, and will give you a lot of sound, but you owe it to yourself to try the others too.Even in a confined space, you can op…

John Carter movie review

John Carter movie review
The current lack of a big TV has forced me to explore the cinemas more, and it was with some initial reluctance that I decided to go, especially with the new price increases, but it turned out to be a good experience.

Firstly with a friend's discount, I got a cheaper ticket and the show we picked turned out to be a nice show....
The actors in John Carter are no A-list ones, but in a sci-fi effects driven show, all you need is good screen chemistry, a good mixture of action, romance, humor and excellent pacing and you will have a hit on your hands.
This is the first time out for the director Andrew Stanton who is more famous for his Pixar cartoons, and he chose one of the minor actors from Wolverine, Taylor Kitsch (who played Gambit) and the gorgeous Lynn Collins (aka Silverfox from Wolverine as well), who plays a princess who is hot, kicks ass and becomes his love interest . Throw in Mark Strong in another villainous role and you have the basis of good versus …

Some links on buying a TV...

Just sharing a post I made about choosing a TV:

1 - have a budget, and use this link to see what are the actual prices others have paid:

Then see the stickies in Hardwarezone, on LCD vs Plasma Vs LED for the pros and cons of each technology.

Places to buy:

Other useful info are kept here:

Remember, you need to filter through all the marketing noise and the sales talk, then understand what type of stuff you watch:
SD = standard definition like free to air TV, or DVDs
HD = high definition, like Blu Ray

Then see which are the popular models and choose from there based on your budget.

I personally prefer plasmas for …