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The Similarities in Shopping for a Home and a Car

There are some similarities when one buys a car and a home. Yes, often times we are reminded that one may depreciate and the other appreciates. But the common vein is the passion and emotion involved in the buying process. As much as we like to pretend we are cool, and decide with our minds, there is a big element of heart involved. Even when we buy the most basic car, we still choose color, accessories, brand and add our personal touch to it. Witness all those members posting questions on how to add stuff, mod their rides, no matter how basic it is and how limit they may declare their budget is.
So it is with the house buying too. Even if we are only buying for investment, we should like the place. Like it enough to stay, and feel good about the place.
Some of us buy right off the bat. See it, call the bank if we haven't already done so, and write that check, there and then. I have done that before. Bought two places at the first viewing, and never regretted it.
Sometimes it'…

Trash - movie review

Just watched and it's one heck of a ride.
It's a Brazilian / US production, with two Hollywood stars throw in, plus some fine actors from Brazil. But the stars are the kids. They exhibit a great deal of maturity, depth and range of emotions and should have been awarded Oscars IMO.

A man steals evidence of crime from his employer who is a corrupt politician and the wallet containing the evidence lands in the hands of these kids, who could have taken the simple route, take  the loose change in the wallet, then return the wallet for a reward. Instead they do what's right, and that sets the cops and one particularly sinister one after them.

Through the chase, you see the range of emotions, from fear, to doubt and then resolve and courage to do what's right, even in the face of such imminent danger and odds. You also see a vignette of the poor in Brazil, the lives and surroundings of where they live. It makes for an even greater contrast to what they are up against and the…