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Sound United Acquires Pioneer and Onkyo

Actually we all have to adapt, think positive and move on..

The old 5.1 systems were never really replaced by Atmos / DTS etc... our homes are getting smaller, and the WAF factor plays a far bigger role. Soundbars rule, and wireless speakers are the mainstay of many homes. Streaming and it's convenience is more important than sound quality. Our forum has also gotten more quiet over the past ten years.

A system with wires dangling everywhere is no longer a mainstay in homes.

No doubt choice is important, and having all the companies under one roof is not ideal. But in reality we often use components that have been shared by many companies already. Burr Brown makes chips for many companies and so do Sharc etc.

So like VW, who produces similar cars branded as Audi, VW, Seat and Skoda, we may see different product lines, streamlined with similar components but different sonic signatures.

These mainstream brands will alw…

Landed homes versus a condo

It's may have been discussed in many places, but here's a summary of the pros and cons of landed housing vs a condo or other types of private housing.
(YMMV, and these are generalisations of course)
Landed pros
- it's yours and no one shares anything with you except the adjacent wall if you aren't in a bungalow - the ultimately in exclusivity (no shared elevators, your very own car park, porch and garden etc) - if you love to brag, this will give you a significantly higher 'I've arrived' bragging rights (YMMV and some will have extremely exclusive condos too) - you don't pay maintenance fees (but your conservancy charges eg clearing rubbish will be higher) - if it's freehold or 999 yrs, it's your forever (yes, the government can reclaim anything) - you can redo the place to any style you want - space, the ability to do it as you like, and most landed places are larger than condos and great for multi-generation homes - lower psf (especially if y…

Adding a pool to your home

Oh, how about a pool?  You do need space, and length to be specific..  10m is a minimum and even then it might be small. The cost of adding a few more meters is not as much as you think, so long as you have the space. But do make room for the pool pump and related items.  There are vinyl, fibre glass and concrete pools with rebar. The last is the more solid and will last you a long long time. But $$$. 
Many rental homes will get the former two, because they are cheaper and more temporary. Think about how long you want to stay there. A sunken pool cost more, but it's more sturdy and looks nicer.
Remember to cater for steps or even a relaxation area, like a bench to sit on and lights. 
You don't need a huge pump, but you do need to get a size proportionate to your needs. Your builder can advise you on this. 
During the building, make sure you shore up the walls around it, especially if you have an adjacent wall or neighbour. 
And factor in the cost of maintaining it, plus the c…

Adding a basement den to your home

Basements: These evoke a lot of interest and emotions for the buyer, especially the men...
Man cave, bar, hifi den, billiards room and more... even a wine cellar. If you want to build one and the ground is not naturally meant for it, be prepared to spend and dig deeper to get the foundations right. And spend on piping for sanitation, and oh, did I mention that it won't be cheap? 
But hey, what's cheap and good in life ? Maybe it's now better to buy that car for 70k than the house eh... 
But the den and the rest of the home will provide immeasurable fun if you do it right.