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Handy woman tips

Turning on: check idiot lamp, see that it's not blue. Don't rev the engine, let it warm up a bit so engine oil can flow through the engine - You can start normally, just don't rev it, by the time you move iff, it should be ok.

Engine oil
Change engine oil 6 months or 10,000km whichever comes first - Conti cars about 15 000km between changes or one year
Some people say the more often you change engine oil the better
Specifications of engine oil: 
W - stands for winter
10 - viscosity (slipperiness) of the oil
The higher the second number, the more viscous for warm climates. Follow engine manufacturers. If too thick, more difficult for engine. Viscosity breaks down when engine is overheated (car may stop) 
When engine is overheated, send car to mechanic and ask if engine oil needs to be changed as oil may have broken down
Radiator pressure cap: DO NOT OPEN when engine is hot. Do it first thing in the morning. Radiator should always be full of water. If car is 5 years old, you may w…