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The 13th Warrior - movie review

It has been more than 20 years since the theatrical release of this movie and every now and then, I will take my DVD out of it's box for another viewing. Each time, I still wonder why it was not a box office hit (it costs thrice or four times what it made)..

It's a Micheal Crichton book adaption, done on a challenge as to whether he could make an interesting story out of a folklore tale of the Beowolf. He does spin a marvellous yarn that incorporates the traditional folklore, along with elements of the "Dirty Dozen", and bit of culture mixup and good doses of action with lots of thrills and spills.

So a Muslim scholar type gets sent to Scandinavia and  ends up fighting man eating bear like creatures, fighting against the odds against evil. Antonio Banderas is wonderful as the scholar turned warrior, whilst Vladimir Kulich plays the charismatic leader of the baker's dozen to good effect.

If you haven't not seen it before, go ahead and grab that DVD, yeah, I s…

Suddenly Twenty - movie review

I had to take Thai Airways recently and it's pretty good. Decent food and legroom in economy class, especially if you get one of their newer planes.

So back to the review..

This is a 2016 movie which stars Davika Hoorne, a Thai-Belgium beauty, who is one of the rising stars in Thailand. She even sings the theme song pretty well.
It's classic take on the travel back in time to a younger you kind of movie, and but adds a layer not seen in such movies: emotion and the theme of getting old, family and relationships. The comical parts take a leaf from the typical Korean slapstick comedies with physical humor, action and a tough gal thrown into it.
Did I say that the girl is really sweet? They really find the sweetest gals for their movies. She was also in Sudden Attack, another movie with a humor theme but also an underlying theme of overwork.
For anyone who is getting on in age, or comes from a culture where the children are supposed to look after their parents, they will be able …

Cleaning the laser assembly of a Oppo BDP 83

Got a buddy who is a big techie to help and he opened up the case, took off the drive lid (4 screws for the lid and another 4 for the drive cover). Cleaned the lasers with a clean cotton bud and put it back.. You have to give the lid a slide backwards, tilt it then lift it up. 

Ready Player One Movie Review

In the year, 2045, most people can't afford proper housing and live in containers, they live dreary lives, and use virtual reality to satisfy their fantasies ...
Wait, sorry... that was supposed to be my review of "Real Player One"... it also feels a lot like the housing issue we face now.. Anyway back to the review. Steven Spielberg is the go to person if you want a sci-fi blockbuster. His body of work is vast and resplendent with wonderful stories of humans, where the story matters more than merely the science. But you also see plenty of amazing cool tech. Real Player One (RPO) is a masterpiece, filled with nostalgia, exciting moments, romance, thrills and spills. But it's the human element, and those 138 Easter Eggs of old movies and the homage he pays to those movies, including quite a few of his hits, that make it such a wonderful experience. But that cramped world he described can already be seen in a few places. The link between film and reality is of…