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Suggestions for running cables for surround channels

1- using the walls is a better idea than running them through the floor
2 - external trunking is nice if aesthetics are secondary - less drilling / hammering
3 - use good cables, as it's hard to change
4- best to avoid cable ties, but it doesn't matter so much for surrounds
5 - use a lead wire tied round the cables, so you can pull them out and lead in a new one if there is damage or other issues
6- running a duplicate length is nice, but expensive and may not be need
7 - using some kind of trunking inside the wall / ceiling is nice, but beware of vibrations / trapped dirt causing noise
8 - typically for lengths under 50ft, even 16AWG is sufficient, and smaller sizes for shorter runs.

The surround cables use don't need to be expensive, there are many options:

Monoprice 12 AWG Wall-rated cables
Belden, Canare etc also serve well, just visit LHS in SLT.
I also used QED 79 strand and Micro to good effect.


 I have no financia…

SG GE 2015: 8 reasons for surge of support

Pretty accurate:

On Sept 11, 2.3 million voters inGE2015 returned thePAPto power, giving it 83 out of 89 seats and 69.9 per cent of the popular vote - a swing of almost 10 percentage points fromGE2011.
Why did this happen? Jeremy Au Yong and Tham Yuen-C find out. 1 The SG50 factor Observers had expected Singapore's Golden Jubilee to weigh heavily in the People's Action Party's (PAP) favour. And it looks like the all-year-round SG50 festivities, with the biggest National Day Parade on Aug 9, did have a feel-good effect on voters. But, more than that, celebrating Singapore's 50th year of independence and harking back to the country's early, more turbulent days, could also have reminded Singaporeans of just how unique their country is - a little red dot that not only existed, but also thrived against all odds. During the nine days of campaigning, PAP leaders had attributed this exceptionalism to voters themselves, calling on Singaporeans to "keep …