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Two Thumbs Up (冲锋车) Movie Review

I could have sworn that this was a Johnnie To movie...
But it's by Lau Ho-Leung.
And it's a HKG show, with the Canto that you expect from a 90s show, albeit with some CGI, but not one of the recent big production value shows that had little soul.
Here, Francis Ng, Simon Yam, Mark Cheng and many others play against type, as a bunch of down and out robbers who pretend to be cops to rob a van, and are intercepted by yet another bunch of robbers also dressed as cops. The difference is that the latter group are armed to the teeth and have no qualms in using their weapons.
So do they rob, and run, or do the right thing? The catch phrase is that it doesn't matter what you wear, when you want to do the right thing.
Witty lines, subplots and a decent plot, which only slows a little in the third quarter, make this an enjoyable outing. A welcome change from the recent spate of big money, big stage shows.

Recommended if you are a fan of old HKG shows, and worth a rental a…

Buying Blu Ray discs in Hong Kong

Posted Today, 07:36 AM Places to get Blu Ray discs in HKG:
Rock Gallery
(open 7 days a week from 11:30 AM (12:30 PM on Sundays) until 9:30 PM)
Address:  Tai Yau Plaza, Shop Number 202, Second Floor, 181 Johnston Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong (at the corner of Fleming Road and just a two minute walk from the A3 exit of the Wanchai MTR station} Phone: +852-2572-9630  Fax: +852-2575-0216
Laser Collection
LG 15, 6E Nelson Street Tak Fat Shopping Arcade Mong Kok
(this shop sells alot of Blu-rays and prices are quite competitive. You can find pretty much any title both asian and imports here)

The Rock Gallery has more music stuff and less movies.
It's about 5-10hkg$ more costly for movies.
Bear in mind that non-HKG discs are probably cheaper off Amazon.

The SACD collection is fantastic! Spent way too much at Rock.

CSL offers free wifi all over HKG. Just sms then.
Very impressive.

Oh if you wish to use the city check in, you need to use the airport express. I didn't real…

Sony STR-DN 1060 review

Whilst waiting for the new 2015 Atmos models, I got hold of this amp to get what it brings.

This model is based on an awarding winning predecessor, the 1050, and I am keen to know how it sounds.
( /

First some tech specs:

7.2 Ch. of power.Built for superb sound.Easily connect to your devices with 8 High Definition inputs.Access your music library.Stream from your favorite apps with Google™ Cast.Multi-room capability.Stream music from receiver to wireless headphones.High-Resolution Audio playback.Intuitive, easy-to-use interface.Turn your smartphone into a remote control.Enhanced wireless listening.Restored high frequency sound lost in audio compression.Preserved sound clarity.G…

Taking of Tiger Mountain Movie Review


Anyone here familar with those Chinese movies of the 70s? Where everyone has flawless complexion, cherubic faces, and the entire movie is like a big propagana campaign for the PRC government?

 Well, the Chinese title of the movie is actually the same as that of an opera, one of eight allowed by the Communist government during the Cultural Revolution, and Tsui Hark has decided to re-enact it, with the same bravado, total sacrificial comradeship, and in light of the more 'contemporary' productions now popular in Mainland China, this comes as a breath of fresh air.

Sure, the total devotion of a band of poorly equipped, ill fed, yet highly motivation and skilled ragtag bunch of soldiers is unreal, yet, it plays out in contrast to the current crop of movies which showcase the harsh reality of life in the current 'pseudo' social China. Nowadays movies reveal the scant regard for Marxist values and the everyman for himself kind of society, where money, and power are t…