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Going From Cable to Fibre - embracing the optical network world for internet access

Cable is now going obsolete, and those cable points in your home will become redundant soon. But you still want internet access and for those reliant on cable to provide this, what are your options?

Your new internet provider will firstly need to create an ONT in your home, and if you aren't familar with this term, do read up first on the net or my past posts:

Most providers will do this for free if your home isn't already fibre enabled. Otherwise it can run into a couple of hundred dollars to do this. Check for offers.
So you need to decide where to place this ONT. Choose a point which is high up and close to the rest of the home.
From this point, you will need either a cabled solution or wifi. For the latter, your mileage may vary. If your home is small, has few walls and your Modem & Router are high up, chances ar…

Things to look out for when you buy a new home

I've consolidated what I have previously written here, so everyone can benefit 
Before we even go into the list, there are some basic things to do:
- make sure everyone in the family agrees to this purchase, and whether it's for investment or as a home - check your financials well and get a large enough budget to buy and for renovations or other costs - do your homework! Check the online property forums, buy and sell places and see what your money can buy and which regions suit your needs best
So, now onto the buying process

Is it going to be landed, a flat or a condo?

Some of the general principles which apply to all three types:

Is the home paid for or is the seller still in debt and not bankrupt 
How many owners are there, and any divorce in process. Who is the legal owner or executer of the property if the owner is deceased?
Is it tenanted and when does the lease run out
Can you break the lease

How old is the place. As a general rule, most places under 10 years can do without ma…

Harmon Kardon Enchant 1300 Review

The soundbar market has been moving ahead with great strides, especially in place where space is a premium and the true boss of the home (nope it's not you mate, it's your wife) demands less clutter and cables.

The trend of making slimmer TVs with tiny bezels also helps as the sound coming out from the TVs is as thin as their bezels.

So now we review a product which comes in at the high-mid levels and promises to give sound, convenience and maybe looks in a reasonably priced package.

First the technical blurb from their site:

The soundbar is situated in front of my Pioneer TV, and slips in nicely with a low profile form factor.
The subwoofer, which is wireless, also fits nicely into the front left corner of my room, where there's a power socket convenient located. 
The sub is sold separately, but you can have both for under two grand …

My setup 4/2019

It took a while to assemble and it's still being tweaked as more gear arrive.. 

Review equipment:
Sony ZD9 75"
(Sony TV review)
Denon AVC X8500H (Denon AVC X8500H review) Dynaudio Confidence 1 Platinum
Dynaudio C1 Platinum Review ) Sony UDP X800 (Sony UBP X800 Review )
Sony UDP X700 Dynaudio Confidence C1 and Centre Platinum front and centre Usher 520 side surround back Monitor Audio RXFX in dipole mode for rear surrounds JL Audio E112 
REL HT/1205 subwoofer
Starke SW12 subwoofer
( Anthony Gallo A'Diva for ceiling Atmos placement QED XT Revelations for front and centre speakers QED Micro speaker cable for the surrounds Monoprice Premium Cables from 4k players to amp and onwards to the TV Audioquest Snake subwoofer cable  Blue Jean subwoofer cable Wireworld Oasis 6 & 7 Interconnects Wireworld Oasis 6 power cables Assorted Xindak, PS Audio and other power cab…

REL HT/1205 review