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Getting some Soul in Quebec and having a whale of a time

Some cars make you feel like a speed demon, others turn heads as they past you.  Some are simply anonymous work horses, and yet others are so poorly made you feel shy telling others what you drive. 
But how about a funky little number that makes you feel like Noddy and is fun to look at, fun to drive and makes you want to go on an adventure?
So I recently went over to North America and I was supposed to get a full sized sedan, and they offered me a Nissan Ultima, a typical workhorse of the rental car fleet... reliable, spacious and utterly boring... 
So I did the Oliver Twist thing and asked, “are there more choices?” Coincidentally someone had just returned a car and the kind man at Thrifty car rental allowed me to choose amongst the other cars he had, and I spied that unmistakable form in bright red, newly washed, sitting next to the grey Nissan Ultima. The choice was obvious, and I took the keys to the car and put all my gear in it.  
Now there are many names for this kind of vehicle, …

Game night movie review

Game night movie review

Some movies have a plot that feels familiar and yet leave a longer impression on you than the average yarn or summer blockbuster where you simply leave your brain turned off at the entrance.
Game night has a story that we may have seen before such as in Micheal Douglas movie The Game but it succeeds because of the wonderful chemistry between the leads played by Rachel mc Adams and Jason Bateman. They are supported by a wonderful team of actors which make this show rise above the average show.
So a make believe game takes a serious turn and the players have to sieve through what is a game and what is real to save the protagonist's brother.
Rachel is always lovely, does comedy well and her affable girl next door demeanor leads a realism and humor not found in too many other actresses.
She combines well with Jason to elevate a genetic plot into one filled with funny moments and good twists.
Recommended 4/5

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