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Steps in buying and collecting your Merc

The car selection process : That's listed here:

So you have set your eyes, heart and wallet on that three pointed star car.
Now I don't need to tell you that you should have done your due diligence on a few things:
- buy it because you like the car, the features, ride, safety etc etc. Not just for the badge. Well at least be clear why you put your hard earned cash on it! - do your sums on the outlay, financing etc - that includes the loan package, the duration, interest rate etc - find a good rep who will serve you well, during the sale and more important, after you have coughed up the dough.. - look at the spec sheet, and make sure whatever you want is in black and white - go through the details, eg, black leather, may come with black trim, and if you want a lighter trim check that  - some things are not included, and you should go through the list that the rep gives you, and get them to sign off on it. If it…

Overtrade - how does it work?

Some companies like Merc have this magical overtrade (OT) thing, which means the sticker price is much higher than what you can expect to pay

The OT has Nothing to do with the scrap car value.  Say a car SRP = 180k OT is what the agent gives as a discount. The condition is you must trade in a car. Any car ( only condition is that you own it > 6months apparently) 
Say OT = 10k  Then whatever value you get for your car is dependant on the SALE price of your current car. Eg if you have a 5 year old Camry and you get an offer of 50k for it.  So you pay 180-10 net, then minus the 50k for the Camry.  The net price is 170k, PLUS whatever freebies they give. That's the ad trick. They will add in the freebies which you get if you get a loan.
Eg Nano, DVR, service credits, solar film etc, things which I have posted earlier. Say all these have a net value of 10k, then they will say your car is 180-OT-Freebies or 160k.
So the ad will say, get a C180 for 160k.

My Car Buying Process

My own take

Phase I

Aim - who drives the car, what's the purpose (eg, fetch kids, mum or personal vehicle) &
Budget - most important, how much do I want to spend, now not some nominal sum, but what I feel I can afford, and if I want something nice, will it fit, and does it make sense

Phase II

Research - what's out there, what is nearing the end of it's lifespan, what are the got to have features etc

Reliability issues, safety, maintenance

Delivery date - some conti cars take a few months to reach, can you wait?

Phase III

Walk the ground - showroom time!

To avoid too much confusion, avoid considering more than 5, max 10 cars. And choose the type first, i.e. MPV, SUV, sedan etc

Test drive:

Understand that most of time, we aren't going to be like Top Gear, so things like ergonomics, comfort, economy etc matter more than handling under severe conditions 
Test the handles, switches etc and of course easy egress - my mum is the gold standard. If she can climb in, and she feels comfor…

A few pointers and reminders about getting the best surround effects

A few pointers and reminders about getting the best surround effects Priorities -  WAF or good speaker position
Some basic rules of speaker placement are needed to get that surround ambience. For a 3D sound, the 5.1 or 7.1 surround layer needs to be around the ear level when seated. It's very hard to get ceiling mounted speakers to sound right, even if they are pointed at the MLP.
For the Atmos / DTS speakers on the ceiling, don't fret if you can't get the right angle, there's a decent range, and if you use a coaxial speaker with adjustable tilt and swivel, that will help spread the sound. And again, that's the word - spread the sound.
Maximum Effort
We have said this countless times - getting the right ambience surround isn't a simple press button solution. It doesn't mean that you have the latest Audyssey, MACC, or REW software installed in your amp = sound surround. 
AFTER you do the initial calibration, you will need to adjust speaker levels, with a SP…