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Farewell Princess Leia and other icons of the 80s.

By now, the news of her sudden demise would have spread across the world, and we are all recalling all her famous movies, photos and the one that is etched in the minds of those who were in their puberty years when she wore that brass bikini in Star Wars.
But behind this image of her, is another...
A young girl who had an affair with an older and married actor, someone who couldn't cope with the pressure and limelight of Hollywood. Someone who then turned to drugs, drinking and had depression. We like to remember the good parts, and certainly she was the darling of Hollywood when she grabbed a laser gun and shot her way to fame. She then did a lovely comedic turn in Harry Met Sally, along with a good run as a writer too.
Yet, I can't help feel sad, that the life of a Hollywood star is adored, admired and even idolised, and we are quick to emulate their looks, and even adopt their epicurean lifestyles. Likewise, we mourn the loss of George Micheal, but are their lives truly worthy…

Oppo UDP 203 review

Good news! I have updated the video section with a comparison with the Samsung ☺
In addition I have added a comparison with the older Oppo 83 Nuforce.

Just to set expectations right:
this is a review in progress and will be updated with more content as I tried with with more 4k displays and compare it with other players). Furthermore, as this is a personal review, I will try and compare it with as many players as I can lay my hands on, but I don't intend to make my review an end all review of all the current player.

Oppo has been at the forefront of players which provide exceptional value for money, and in recent times, they have moved from providing merely simple value players to players which even the keenest audiophiles will want for their top tier systems.

With the advent of the Ultra High Definition (UHD), 4k format, we have all been anticipating what Oppo has up their sleeves. Wisely they have not tried to be the first off the mark, and have instead allowed developments in t…

Top seller lists vs SINGAPORE's car of the year list

It's interesting..
Each time I see the cars suggested for the car of the year award, I am amused.
Not often do these lists coincide with the most sold cars.
So what do these lists mean? Best tech, best ride ?
Maybe in a small place with few B roads and mostly start stop traffic, hot yet wet weather, and very expensive COE, we value different other thIngs. Why is it that a Corolla sells well for example?
By modern car buyer desires, it falls behind in the tech and cool count: only two airbags, fewer safety features and a less than desirable shape or interior.
Yet it continues to outsell its rivals handily. If you take away the PI sales it is likely to feature at the top again.
Perhaps it's because fans of the Corolla value reliability above all. The fact that their speaker covers don't fall out, there aren't many transmission issues reported, maintainance is affordable and when the time comes to sell it, finding a buyer is far easier then even selling your HDB flat.…