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Gravity - movie review

It's a solid effort, driven by a more than credible solo act by Sandra B. Yes, there was good and also very funny dialogues by George C, but it's very much a marooned and struggle to survive genre movie, which pits this movie squarely against powerhouses like Castaway, which to me is the gold standard of this genre.
And against Tom's effort, perhaps I am biased, as I like him, he is the master, and she is merely the pupil. Even in Life of Pi, the young boy did exceedingly well, and you also have to consider Robert Redford's recent effort, and as much as I like Sandra, she isn't in the same class.

Nevertheless it was a very enjoyable movie, with a few holes in the plot, but the use of silence, space, and the twirling about was very effective.

Any effects were secondary to the plot, and Sandra had to carry the movie with the range of her emotions, which had to change from confusion, fear, to resignation and finally courage and hope.


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