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Budget 2013 in Brief

From here:

Budget 2013 in brief Here are the key points in brief, delivered earlier in Parliament by Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam. -AsiaOne

Mon, Feb 25, 2013
SINGAPORE - Quality growth and an inclusive society has been outlined as key themes in the Budget 2013. Here are the key points in brief, delivered earlier in Parliament on Monday by Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, released in a statement by the Ministry of Finance:
RELATED STORIES Special: Singapore Budget 2013 We are transforming our economy so that we can have quality growth - growth that will provide all Singaporeans a better quality of life.
And we are taking further steps towards a more inclusive society - starti…

Squid Ink Pasta

Squid Ink Pasta, with lobster meat and scallops...
Use a lobster, boil to make bisque, take some of that, add Alfredo cream + additional cream to thicken, and some truffle salt, parsley, fried garlic, and squid ink linguine and viola...

Making Seared Scallops

First make cuts on the scallops so the heat can penetrate.
Using a Happy-call, and a little olive oil, heat up the pan, then put scallops inside, flip in two minutes, and again in one min and one more flip.
Add a little wasabi on top for a kick..


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Resident Evil Retribution - movie review

Resident Evil Retribution - movie review

All I can say is, oh dear...

Whilst I can be confident the subsequent BR disc will likely be demo quality, this is little more than an attempt to cash in on the franchise and give the tired series one last spin.. or perhaps the director / producer will keep milking this already dried up cash cow..

How do you revive a flagging movie franchise? A reboot is too complex for Paul Anderson, so he brings back a bunch of actors who starred in one of the previous 5 shows, and place them in a 'first player role' perspective kind of a movie in which some are good guys and others turned bad by the Hive. Then make them blast their way out of an old Russian submarine facility.

Plot holes? Well seriously where is the plot?

In any case, action thirsty fans lusting to see good ol' Milla J in a skin tight leather S&M outfit will not be disappointed. Add a few more hot chicks and dudes and arm them with never ending ammo, and watch the s…

The Fierce Wife Movie Review

I wasted two hours of my life on this... somehow the Taiwanese love this, which is a rather unrealistic look at how one woman (who isn't that hot by the way and promotes anorexia if you ask me), loses and then finds love. It's the movie version or finale to a long serial, and squares off the suitors in the final countdown.

She gets wined and dined by many guys, with nary a consideration as to whether that's right, and strings them along, although she does try her best to look angst filled and emotional. I guess the ladies dig this kind of thing...

Please pass on this one

Fairy Tale Killer - movie review

Fairy Tale Killer

Sean Lau stars in this by the books murder crime thriller, and usually he is a top performer, but IMO, he doesn't really extend himself in this, and barely rises out of a coma for this movie in which he plays a less than charismatic cop trying to solve a series of murders based on a bunch of fairy tales.

The main kicker for me was the fact that it highlighted autism, and gave it some publicity.

Otherwise, strictly a rental for me.

iMac unable to go past startup screen - what can you do

I have a 2010 21" iMac on OS 10.5

I had a recent scare, when my iMac could not get past the startup screen, and was stuck with the turning wheel, and I could not get onto the log in page.

Initially, the iMac was also stuck when I tried to log into "Safe Mode", and pressing the option key (to choose which startup disk to use) also did nothing. I tried using the installation DVD, which also did nothing. I could initially hear the whirring of the hard disk, so I assume it wasn't a HD failure.

I then pulled out the power cable for a few minutes, and then tried the option key again. This time, I could get to the choosing HD screen, and I have previously installed Tech Tools Pro, and used the emergency drive to at least boot. I then used Disk Utility to check the HD and it was fine, so it seemed like the start up process was corrupted.

If you insert the DVD and pressed C, nothing happened, but I got to the emergency drive, then inserted the installation DVD, then I could…