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Thor Ragnarok – Movie Review

Thor – what do you think of when someone mentions this particular superhero? Perhaps a good analogy will be what the kind of weather we associated with him? Brooding, powerful, slightly unpredictable, prone to flashes of anger and quick to act, with more brawn than brain? The past two installments of Thor as well as his character in the previous Avenger movies have only reinforced this stereotype, and a third outing with the same sort of outlook will probably draw less of the ticket buying public than a re-issue of some old show like Superman from 1979.
So Marvel takes a chance with a new director, who takes a totally new turn, and viola, you basically get a bit of Alice in Wonderland, mixed in with some Guardians of the Galaxy, and a bit of the Brothers and Sisters TV series thrown in too. Mix that up with a mega dose of humor and plenty of slapstick, and not forgetting to add the prerequisite amount of over the top action sequences, and now you have Thor Ragnarok.
That might be an oversi…

If Your Auto-Calibration Results Are Rather Odd

Just sharing a little something
If you have some very odd measurements, check 
if the mike is held firmly there are no obstructions to the sound path, eg a headrest in the path of the rear speakersa big reflection table between the mike and the speakerkeep really really silentI recently did some measurements and didn't notice the rain outside, and in another incident, I simply moved the mike up slightly and the measurements were vastly improved. Even moving the grip position of the mike also helped. Cheers