Johnny English Reborn


Mr Bean talks, and he also shoots, goofs up and gets the girl...

Johnny English isn't just about Rowan Atkinson as a talking Mr Bean spy... it's a barrel of laughs, and he spoofs a few spy movies along the way, whilst giving us visceral (and testicular) humor ala D Craig in Casino Royale, throws in a Bond actress (Rosamund Pike) and a female boss (in the form of the still delectable Gillian Anderson), and manages to give us an enjoyable movie, which won't be remembered for it's acting, nor it's plot, but shows that he still has got it to make us laugh...

Plot 3/5
Action 3/5
Chick Factor: I reckon there is enough here to keep the Bond fans happy 4/5

Worth a rental at least and for those Mr Bean / R Atkinson fans, worth a DVD or BR if the price is right...

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