My Girlfriend is an Agent - movie review

Korea has come up with some interesting shows which have been trailer-blazers that have lit up the movie world and have led to sequels, copycats both domestically and remakes by Hollywood.

One of their most successful was a show called "My Sassy Girl", a show which appealed to both men and women. It had some romance, albeit in an awkward way where the man was often subject to physical violence by a woman, who was a stranger and somehow love grew out of this. This show was the top grossing movie before the current one came about.

For those who know Korean culture, this is quite removed from reality, as men dominate Korean society and you will see women walking a few steps behind or men simply walking to the head of a queue and the women quietly accepting this. My colleague had her butt pinched on a subway train over there too. I guess watching a movie where women wear the pants appeals since it is something the Koreans, and the women in particular can only fantasize about.

So this show begins with a strong female protagonist, who is beautiful, smart, and kicks butt big time as a spy, and managed to look good whilst chasing after criminals wearing a wedding dress on a jet ski. The man in her life on the other hand is a real bumbling oaf and is portrayed as a weak, easily distressed chap who cannot handle the various white lies that she conjures up whilst trying to maintain her cover as a travel agent and erstwhile girlfriend. So he leaves her for Canada for studies, or so it seems….

So what ensues borrows bits from True Lies, My Sassy Girl, My Wife is a Gangster, and many other movies. Yet there is enough originality, and it is packed with action, humor and just the right amount of romance to make this work. Add a super gorgeous and yet demure girl who kicks butts for breakfast then looks lovingly at you. They also chose the right idiotic Korean hapless chap and with good chemistry between the actors, this show works. It comes as no surprise that this show was no 1 in Korea, with the keen pacing, twists and good humor to keep it going well. You do get a glimpse of how corporate world in Korea works and its hierarchy, amidst the fun and action, but since it is keep superficial it gets its point across without being too heavy.

Although it may prove only to be in the movies, I think many guys may quietly craved for a hot sexy lady who is capable, intelligent, crazy for you and yet subservient and supremely competent domestically. Yes everything in the movie minus the hot temper and volcanic eruptions. Yet, that may remain the preserve of movies, which is what makes shows like this popular within Korean and internationally. And for the Korean women, the chance to see one of their own go beyond the boundaries of merely toeing tradition and succumbing to society’s pressures of what makes a demure lady who is made up with layers of cosmetics even when going to the market is enticing. And for those not familiar with their culture, this movie makes for an interesting watch.

in Korean, beautiful actresses have a life span of only a few years, and some get forced into doing sordid things, and only a few actors last longer, so we may not see this pairing last longer than snow on a hot summer day, but whilst it lasts, it was a funny, yet memorable hit, and will be good for both sexes to watch together.

Plot: usual lady isn't what she seems to be, spy / travel agent girlfriend, but watch for the twists etc 4/5

Action: plenty to satisfy the action buffs and it should be a fine workout on video for your HT system 4/5

Chick factor : A1 with plenty of eye candy, although I am not sur eif everyone wants their GF to be like her... 4/5

So yes, buy or at least rent this..

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