From Paris With Love

From Paris With Love


Lets get it out of the way, this movie won’t win any Academy Awards, and it is the very definition of OTT – over the top. And it was a blast – literally and loads of fun.


John Travolta has given us plenty of hits and some misses over the years and I reckon he took the best bits of all his action movies and put it here. Its like some casting director told him to blend “Swordfish”, “Face Off”, “Broken Arrow”, “Pulp Fiction” and ham it up to the max, whilst pretending to be his own version of Bond and Bourne. This kicks Salt out of the ring easily.


Jonathan Rhys is there for the ride and his wooden acting makes a perfect counterfoil for the super OTT nature of Charlie Wax, the chrome dome that JT plays here. Wax is obnoxious, but he is right, he is fast to shoot, and he hits his target, leaving a trail of dead spies, terrorists and mimes in Paris (ok, I made the last one up…)


The pace is blistering, especially once Wax shines – ha ha. There are some efforts to inject drama and suspense, and even a possibly tear jerker moment – but forget the tissue, this movie is all about bad ass action, explosions and plenty of gun fights.


Plot – well its kind of like a JT best of, so it works for me 3/5


Action – well Lionsgate has come up with a superb DTS-MA 7.1 track for this and they really know how to show off Hi Def. bullets fly in from the rear, as the shots hit the walls, you can hear bits of plaster fall off and dialogue is never hard to follow. Kudos to them. 4/5


Chick Factor: well it is an action flick, so there are some obligatory femme fatales, but overall, it did not detract or add to it 3/5


So should you buy it? Well its not great for acting, but I liked it as much as “Hitman”, which means it’s a keeper.


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