L-O-V-E 愛到底 - movie review

L-O-V-E 愛到底




The Asian / Chinese film industry has not been buzzing with too much excitement, and typically likes to produce copies of Hollywood hits, or re-use formulas which have worked in the past. But this show combines the talents of 4 new directors to make a series of 4 short stories, that is both funny and tugs at your heart strings.


The first of the 4, "San Sheng You Xing (三聲有幸)" is a story the lives of 3 people who have the same voice. And if the first 5 minutes does not get to you and make you reach for the tissue, you should check if your heart is still beating…


The way the story is worked in, and the person they chose for the grieving mother, is quite perfect, and I would not be surprised if this was a Golden Horse shoo-in.


Well recommended.




"An elderly mother sits alone on the sofa, silently with her eyes closed. The phone rings suddenly, and she picks it up. To her surprise, it is her deceased son on the line. He wants her to take care of herself, and promises to call back on his death anniversary the next year."



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