Team Batista no Eikō (チーム·バチスタの栄光, The Glorious Team Batista)

Team Batista no Eikō (チーム·バチスタの栄光, The Glorious Team Batista) - DVD review

Japanese with Chinese subtitles

The Japanese are rather inventive in combining traditional elements like murder, romance and mystery which are popular TV series fodder, and here, they have whipped up another such a mix set in a hospital. Throw in some household Japanese names from other serials, add a saccharine sweet new actress, and mix it all up for a suspense thriller that will pique the interest of those who are in the Ophthalmic or Anesthesia trade.... interested now?

Set in a top Japanese hospital, you have the heroically handsome heart surgeon who does the difficult Batista Operation, and he has a much higher than average success rate, but had three recent deaths, resulting in the investigation, by the ultra-cute, pixie of a doctor (played by Yuko Takeuchi) who usually spends her time listening to strange complaints from her patients. add a superbly over-acting Hirsoshe Abe, playing an obnoxious health ministry official also investigating the case, and you have some kind of a plot.

The twists are quite predictable, but the main actors have very good chemistry, and the duo of Yuko Takeuchi and Hirsoshe Abe play off each other very well and bring this movie out of the mundane to the watchable and intriguing. For those in the medical line, this movie will add a pleasant distraction and you can see yourself in some of the caricatures or stereotypes of the various sorts in hospitals.

Plot: 3/5
Action: its not really an actioner, and even the sound effects are subtle, this being a Fuji TV company production which like many Jap feature shows, come out of a TV series by the same name.
Chick factor: the nurses are kawaii, and Yuko Takeuchi adds a doe-eyed innocence, and real emotion, and it does help that she has this porcelain smooth skin and if you cannot get enough of her, also see "Pride" starring Takayu Kimura. 4/5 - I guess for guys, she is reason enough to watch this

So should you go for this? Well I saw it on a plane and the ending piqued me enough with its twist to buy it. Having Yuko Takeuchi in it just pushed things along I guess :)


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