Green Lantern review

Green Lantern review

As far as superheroes are concerned, the Green Lantern (GL) isn’t in the most famous or revered. In fact 1/3 of those who saw the show with me didn’t know about this character prior to the show. GL belongs to the “sunny” faction, with notable examples of this genre being Superman, Spiderman, as compared to the “darker” school, such as Batman, Wolverine etc.

But the idea that a man can harness the power of his imagination to create anything he wants, begs all the CGI experts to come up with a movie that has the character, fun and action to match this.

Ran Reynolds is not the first man you may consider for a leading action hero, but he is no stranger to comic book action, having played Deadpool in the X Men series. He adds a more flippant and lassaire faire style to GL, instead of the more square jawed, all- American styled hero walking in the same vein as Superman. Yet he managed to add some depth, although serious thespian work will strain his acting chops. Yet we come to watch GL for the action and Ryan R manages to help the movie along from one action scene to the next.

Nevertheless, the plot and action do make up for any shortage in the acting department and this movie is busy. I saw this in Melaka, in the new Golden Screen cinema chain , and they have a very serious cinema system, with a very impressive bass ensemble that managed to drive deep thunderous vibrations through my seat and chest. The surround channels were very active, acting to the whole experience, and throw in some humor, romance with a serious hot Blake Lively, and you have a nice package for a movie night.
Despite any acting short comings or deviations of the GL portrayed, devotees to this comic might have a few negative comments, but all in all, it is worth a rental at least and on Blu Ray the bass and surround effects will make this a nice demo show.

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