Denon AVR 4311 replacement - Denon's new flagship AV amp for Asia

1 April 2012
Denon Japan 
Denon Launches new Flagship in Asia - the replacement for the 4810, 4311 and AVC 1 - The "Inakamono 100th year AE (Asian Edition)" aka AVR - 5113
Denon signals it's recovery from the hiatus in new models with this flagship model which replaces three models at once, and introduces key new features in a new model which is the long expected replacement for the older 5xxx, 48xx and also the 43xx series, which has been soldering on due to damages to it's Fukushima facility as a result of the recent earthquake / tsunami twin disasters to hit Japan. 
Dubbed fondly the Inakamono by it's R & D, this model promises a return to audiophile roots, whilst embracing several new important features, which have the Asian and in particular the Singapore market in mind, which has long been overlooked by the USA and Europe ones.
This model will come in a silver-champagne blend, but the first 1000 will be available in more radical colors like Ferrari Red, Sake Brown, and Imperial Yellow as part of the 100th anniversary of Denon. 
Key features:
Interface improvements:
- RS 232 port for installer and THX standards
- a new totally re-designed remote, with alpha-numeric keyboard on one side and a touch screen on the other, in addition to the standard remote, which is radio frequency allowing operation from another room (ala Bose)
- Apple lossless compatibility as well as Airplay function as standard with a iTunes-esque on screen menu
- Internet access to Denon FAQs and also local audiophile website
- Full 11.2 channel compatibility with 11 channels of amplification ( 180W per channel, all channels driven simultaneously)
- Radical new power section with digital amplifier modules - Digital Universal Mono-Blocks  (DUMB®) which allow for 2 ohm function, less cooling required and a resultant reduction in weight
- Ability to tri-amp and power 2 ohm power hungry speakers (engineers at Fukushima have tested the amplifier on Electrostatic speakers)
- A special battery mode for brown outs and also for better sound quality – the amp has a patented Denon Brownout Special (BS)  Auxiliary Power Mode that allows functioning in the event of outages, but more importantly for the fanatical audiophile, the option of an external battery power option which decreases any distortion due to an onboard power supply
- MM and MC phono input as standard
- Merino Wool shielded circuits to decrease electrical interference
Researchers at Denon have found that Wool has even higher shielding properties compared to metallic compounds, and with the new Digital power amp section running cooler, Denon has been able to incorporate the finest Australian Merino Wool into a special weave which will shield sensitive areas of the amplifier
- A replacement for the Denon Link is now in it’s first iteration.
The new Fullrange Optical Overscan Link © has been touted to have a tenth of the distortion of the Denon Link cables, and allows for clock sync and jitter to be reduced to a never heard of 0.00001 %.
- 1 inch thick aluminum alloy casing for the minimal interference
Using the same material used to make aeroplane wings, Denon has been able to make the entire lower chassis of the amplifier from a single aluminum monoblock – ala Macbook Pro laptops.
- On screen display in 3D
- New video chip developed in house which allows for the ability to convert existing video and audio into a 3-dimensional experience. The Pseudo Interactive Sight & Sound ® (PISS) Chip is a radical new technology that challenges the frontier of 3D enhancement.
Owner discount:
- As a special reward to patient Denon fans who have been waiting for the longest time for this, there will be a Customer Harmony Experience Active Program Offer (CHEAPO) which will allow for previous Denon owners to bid at a price that they consider worthy for this new amplifier.
Barring any new disasters, this new model should be out in shops by April 31st. Pre-orders can be placed with your nearest Audiophile dealers now.


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