Transferring music from one Mac to another

After the new CDs arrived and I had finished ripping them onto my iMac, I then did the migration of the music first from my iMac to my current MacbookPro (MBP)... and that proved less painful or scary than I imagined. I copied all the music onto a new "iTunes" folder on a new HDD, then copied the contents of the "library  / itunes folder" over to a separate folder that I named "to be transferred". I also created a library xml file from the export function in itunes.

The eventual target will be the new MBP-R

Since I had a itunes app and some music over in the destination MBP that was to be cloned onto the new MBP-R, I checked what music files were new and then copied the new ones into the existing location of the music folder. Then I copied the contents of the "to be transferred" folder to the same location in the MBP and the xml library file.

Most of the transfer was seamless, there were a few files iTunes could not find, and I had to direct the program to the right location, and it then prompted me to see if I wanted to look for the other files in the same place. I clicked yes and it found most of them. This process can take a while if you have a lot of music files, so don't interrupt this, as there is something going on.

The copying took a good part of the morning, but the recognition of the folder and new music files was done in an hour.

Nice and seamless, kudos Apple...

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