Resident Evil Retribution - movie review

Resident Evil Retribution - movie review

All I can say is, oh dear...

Whilst I can be confident the subsequent BR disc will likely be demo quality, this is little more than an attempt to cash in on the franchise and give the tired series one last spin.. or perhaps the director / producer will keep milking this already dried up cash cow..

How do you revive a flagging movie franchise? A reboot is too complex for Paul Anderson, so he brings back a bunch of actors who starred in one of the previous 5 shows, and place them in a 'first player role' perspective kind of a movie in which some are good guys and others turned bad by the Hive. Then make them blast their way out of an old Russian submarine facility.

Plot holes? Well seriously where is the plot?

In any case, action thirsty fans lusting to see good ol' Milla J in a skin tight leather S&M outfit will not be disappointed. Add a few more hot chicks and dudes and arm them with never ending ammo, and watch the shakes, rattles and booms as they battle their way out of the underground base, whilst working for the same Wesker. Throw in an Asian perspective with Li Bing Bing who is probably there because Paul Anderson realised the size of the China market and needs to place one of them in a movie to sell tickets. Make sure there is a slit in her outfit which stretches for miles right up to her armpits and make it red in color for hotness and for socialism I guess?

The 3D another cash milking excercise, so your viewing pleasure will vary... of course hot ladies in 3D might be reason enough to watch this stuff...

So 1/5 for plot
3.5 / 5 for chick factor
4/5 for action

Snooze job unless you are a really big fan of the franchise and can't get enough of Milla J.

On a more interesting note... I would like to see Ms Selena aka Kate Beckinsale slug it out with Milla J whilst both wear those tight leather outfits which have made them famous... and throw in Jessica Biel or Alba for good measure, and call it the Resident Evil Vs Vampires - Total Recall or whatever...


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