Lego the movie

Lego the movie is one more in the list of Lego related movies / films that cleverly use lego bricks to make characters. Transformers have nothing compared to this, the dialogue is far wittier and the transformations are merely a small part of this show, which is interestingly a character driven one with a good theme behind it.

Ordinary man can strive to do the extraordinary and be 'The One' as the bad guy tries to make everything conform and create the ultimate weapon.

Not merely a distraction for the kids, it will be interesting for adults and reasonable distraction for a day out at the movies and the kids will certainly want you to buy it for multiple repeated viewings.

There is a positive none too subtle family theme, but it's easily palatable and the wit keeps the adults interested, whilst the non stop flowing action will enthrall both adult and child.

A keeper or at least a rental.


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