Equaliser - movie review

Denzel Washington is one of the greatest character actors ever, and yet, I won't count this as one of his best efforts.

This movie, a kind of re-make of a TV series, has elements of Punisher, Taken, Get Carter, and other vigilante hero type movies that features a highly trained, yet reluctant hero who possesses certain skills that allows him to hurt others badly.

I guess that means the plot is hardly original, yet Denzel is the main reason to watch this. He has done this before, ala Man On Fire, in which he was also a highly trained person that can cause serious hurt to his enemies. There he was also a protector, and goes to all ends of the earth to find and destroy those who will harm whoever he loves.

I think we are all fans of this kind of quietly determined person, and yet, there isn't a lot to remember about this movie, that warrants a second viewing. Just enjoy his measured performance, and he has good company in this movie as Morton Csokas played a solid villain with some real scariness. Chloe Moretz from Kick Ass adds a certain vulnerability, but the rest are rather nameless.

The action takes a while to build up but there is some real blood letting once Denzel let's loose.

I like to compare his effort to a Korean show, called Man From Nowhere, and the different styles of efficient killing.

Could someone have played the lead, well Won Bin, the lead from that Korean show might have, or some have suggested Liam Neeson. But I feel Denzel and Liam are a tad old for this now and Jason Statham doesn't have the acting chops. Micheal Caine in his younger days would have been a shoo-in too.

There is some good surround, and when the fuel tanks explode, the bass really hits the chest.

Recommended for fans of Denzel.

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