Speakers: Size matters...

Size matters - do we buy the biggest baddest speaker or choose what suits?
That may be a simple concept, but often we think with our hearts and wallets instead of our minds...

Front speakers:
Our eyes, and our budget can allow us to buy really sweet and large floorstander speakers which are actually too big for our rooms. Then there's a lot of room treatment that needs to be done.

How about surrounds?
Actually many have also found that a good sized surround instead of a tiny one makes all the difference.

Centre speaker:

This speaker definitely benefits from a larger cabinet. The centre speaker and sub are the lynchpin of HT and carry most of the signals. Avoid buying the small WAF ones that can't do male baritone voices.

Atmos speakers:
Well do consider physics here... if suspending speakers for an Atmos / Auro setup is being considered, getting too small a speaker can affect the sound and dispersion, too big and it may not be practical for mounting, or what looks ok initially then Sags!

Big sub, big bass. But big subs are hard to hide and a big driver can be hard to control, and the bass can become slow too.

If one can be flexible about speaker placement, then that will be useful as half a foot difference in Main Listening Position (MLP) can make a huge difference in whether you are cocooned in the surround field..
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