Adding Ceiling Mounted Speakers II

I think the advent of Atmos / Auro has led many to consider adding ceiling speakers.

As previously discussed (, the ceiling can be a concrete one, and so there's cutting involved, or a false ceiling.

If it's the latter, then one must really ensure that the ceiling can bear the weight.

Most false ceilings in domestic settings were built by contractors to hold the weight of some light fixtures, with cables inside and nothing much more. They usually use aluminum struts the situation is worse if one has a central false ceiling that is a single monolithic structure which is lightweight and quite flimsy.

Eg, I got this from :

And to add anything more than 3 kilos (multiplied by 4 speakers) will need reinforcement or a complete tear down of the ceiling.

So some planning is needed before trying to add any speaker that one may already posses. Otherwise during a serious session where the subwoofer is employed and you may find the ceiling in your lap.


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