Black Sea Movie Review:

This was a quiet Jude Law show that slipped under my radar when it appeared in the theatres. It's an odd one to classify, not your usual Hunt for Red October, and not quite Das Boot, it is nevertheless, quite entertaining.

Jude Law commands a mixed crew of Brits and Russians to look for lost gold in the Black Sea, and sail right into a sea of turmoil. There's greed, mistrust, and it doesn't not take long before the fighting begins. The crew has to battle one another, and the dark sea, as well as evade the Russian ships above.

This show did not opt for the usual Hollywood styled ending, and I was half hoping for a 'happy ever after' kind of ending myself.

Worth a rental or even a buy if you are fond of this genre.

Good surround effects as you would expect from a sub movie.

 I have no financial interest or other interests in any of the items / events I write about.


  1. I was always interested in this gritty, claustrophobic looking drama, but I'm really here for Scoot McNairy. The man has added role after brilliant role to his resume, shining in films like The Rover and TV shows like Halt and Catch Fire (seriously, THERE is an electrifying performance).


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