Suggestions for running cables for surround channels

1- using the walls is a better idea than running them through the floor
2 - external trunking is nice if aesthetics are secondary - less drilling / hammering
3 - use good cables, as it's hard to change
4- best to avoid cable ties, but it doesn't matter so much for surrounds
5 - use a lead wire tied round the cables, so you can pull them out and lead in a new one if there is damage or other issues
6- running a duplicate length is nice, but expensive and may not be need
7 - using some kind of trunking inside the wall / ceiling is nice, but beware of vibrations / trapped dirt causing noise
8 - typically for lengths under 50ft, even 16AWG is sufficient, and smaller sizes for shorter runs.

The surround cables use don't need to be expensive, there are many options:

Monoprice 12 AWG Wall-rated cables
Belden, Canare etc also serve well, just visit LHS in SLT.
I also used QED 79 strand and Micro to good effect.


 I have no financial interest or other interests in any of the items / events I write about.


  1. Hi Pete! Po here we met yesterday for mee pok! Such fun time chatting on food and travel. Lawyers nice meet like-minded friends

    Hoping get your advice on sound system, TV, cabling etc for my home. Could you email me at or we can WhatsApp 92979249?

    Searched Audio House offers, what do you think of

    1) Denon Soundbar with Wireless Woofer DHT-514 for $648
    I had a Denon once but hard to repair or find parts. My NP Mass Comm Studio used Denon

    2) Samsung Soundbar with Speaker HW-F450 for $299

    3) Pioneer CD Micro Mini System (2 speakers) $258

    4) I download lotsa shows so need play them on TV. Any reco? Need those setup boxes or just play from thumb drive with maybe Akira player?

    Looking for entry level say below $500 for sound system. TV I'm not sure how much to budget?

    Any advice for cabling house when doing reno? Ask concealed wires right?

    1. BTW, there are sales at Courts today, mini systems, and soundbars available, do check it out, cheers

      As for cabling, try to use wall-rating cable. Amazon sells Monoprice 12 AWG cable by the reel, and ships for free if you spend above USD 125. Very good value.

  2. I haven't any experience with the soundbars you have mentioned, but some basic principles will be:
    Spend as much as you can, it's a purchase for many years, so do it once, do it good!
    If you have to get a soundbar, I will get the best that I can.
    Best Denki and other places offer some units for you to listen to, and Adelphi has shops that has mini systems, and some have built in DVD or Blu Ray players too.

  3. Thanks Pete for being so helpful :) hope see you again for good food! Esp Clem and nearby my turf haha


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