Associated equipment:
My set

Benq W1070 for movie nights 
PS64D8000FM Samsung plasma TV
Marantz PM 11S3 : 2 channel stereo amp with HTbypass and 100W per channel driving the front pair of 804D 
Oppo BR player BDP 101CI as CD transport and HT source
Rotel RMB 1585 – 200w X 5 driving the centre, side and back surrounds.
Marantz NA11S1 as a DAC and network player
Apple TV (Gen 1) X 2 for music and photos
HTM4s centre, Radius 90HD for front height
B&W 805s for rear back
Monitor Audio RXFX in dipole mode for side surrounds
JL Audio E112 (two units) located at right front and rear left
Anthony Gallo A'Diva for ceiling Atmos placement and "Voice of God" placement
QED XT Revelations for front and centre speakers
QED Micro speaker cable for the surrounds
Audioquest Cinnamon HDMI for Oppo to amp
Wireworld Chroma from amp to TV
AQ Forest HDMI cable - amp to TV and other sources
Audioquest Snake subwoofer cable 
Blue Jean subwoofer cable
Wireworld Oasis 6 & 7 Interconnects
Wireworld Oasis 6 power cables
Assorted Xindak, PS Audio and other power cables
MK wall power sockets
Shunyata Venom Distributor and power cable 20A for high current items
Rhodium Right Angle Plug adapters for USA power cables
Auralex subdude platform and Mopads under centre speaker
Da lite screen
Glass optical cables


As usual the technical specs from their official website first:

Since it’s in Japanese, here’s a google translation:

The blurb:
Blu-ray Disc Player BDP-105DJP of OPPO Digital gained high praise from the tip audio-visual fan and magazine of Japan. The ultimate evolution system is the BDP-105D JAPAN LIMITED of Japan limited specification.
Support a variety of media playback, high-performance DAC mounted, such as USB DAC function, as a high-quality AV source equipment, BDP-105DJP who won each Grand Prix of AV magazine. And followed the its basic design, it is the finest model that brings together the Japan of the excellent high-quality, high image quality a further and full use of material know-how. Also supports DSD 11.2MHz file playback during USB DAC function use, insatiable challenge to the quality of OPPO Digital, which has gained a high reputation is has created a new reference.

  • By changing the top plate of the loader mechanism part in a non-magnetic material 3 mm thick stainless steel metal processing parts, rigid BD drive that achieves read stability and sound quality improvement of various types of disk media
  • Add a non-magnetic material 3 mm thick stainless steel metal processing parts at the top of the steel cover of the power supply unit, to carry out the adjustment and electromagnetic measures of weight balance
  • In addition, add a 3mm thick reinforced bottom plate under the chassis. Increased strength, in consideration of weight balance and waste heat, specific strength using a high thermal conductivity with high Aluminum Alloy
Use a gradient cast iron insulator
Vibration damping performance superior to use a TAOC made gradient iron insulator, it is possible to secure stable installability than conventional products, while effectively attenuates the internal vibration, the less prone structural influence of external vibrations We've evolved.

High-performance D / A converter to exert true value due to the high precision clock

To the D / A conversion block may utilize the properties of ES9018S operating at an input signal asynchronously, it is necessary to improve the conversion efficiency to increase the frequency of the master clock as a reference for the D / A conversion to the limit.
Therefore, in the present product and by setting the operating frequency of the crystal oscillator which affects the reproduction quality of the ES9018S the higher operating frequency, achieving a higher-quality playback. Also, using the NDK made low phase noise crystal oscillator to the master clock of the D / A converter, it is possible to minimize the deterioration of sound quality due to clock jitter, achieving a high sound quality significantly more than conventional products.

Clean signal quality to achieve a very natural and overwhelming amount of information

Power, 2ch audio board, 8ch audio board, and the main board processor group of the substrate, music playback-only machine, unlike Blu-ray player features unique high frequency of the signal exchange is done. Therefore, the electromagnetic waves measures in the enclosure is important. However, the electromagnetic waves flying the enclosure not easy to be blocked by the only metal plate.
Therefore, in the BDP-105D JAPAN LIMITED, is adopted Asahi Kasei Fibers made noise suppression material "PULSHUT (TM)", it has undergone a more aggressive electromagnetic wave countermeasures. By utilizing this material having a while non-magnetic material effective electromagnetic wave absorption capacity, and it has succeeded to the noise of a wide frequency band of the audible range (20Hz ~ 20,000Hz) MHz band ~ GHz band from.
PULSHUT is a registered trademark of Asahi Kasei Fibers Corporation.

To achieve a high S / N environment through effective various measures

OPPO Digital is not only the test of audibility, also paying close attention to the difference on the measurement. The implementation also measured BDP-105D JAPAN LIMITED. In comparison with the BDP-105DJP, it has been achieved to improve the S / N ratio of the average of about 3dB at about 10dB, more audible range at 100Hz band by the measures described above.

As a high-quality Blu-ray Player

Darbee is adopted Visual Presence technology

In 2D and 3D images, Darbee is adopted Visual Presence technology that adds both eyes three-dimensional information, which is the actual human perspective patented technology that is based on the. And we have succeeded in expressing to clear a natural sense of depth in a more dynamic. In addition, the strength of the image processing can be adjusted, it is possible to customize according to your preference.

4k upscaling function

It is possible to output by up-scaling the full HD signal to 4k signal of 3840 * 2160. This function is valid for any input signal, can be used as up scaler (corresponding resolution is 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 4k).

Dual HDMI v1.4a output

The HDMI 1.4a output terminal of the two systems are installed, it is possible to output the video and audio signals in various combinations. The A / V split function, it is also possible to carry out further high-quality transmission can be completely separated from the video and audio.
Other, details page of the BDP-105DJP please visit.

As high-quality digital audio player

Full support for the corresponding DSD to DSD 11.2MHz

Taking advantage of the DSD input support of ES9018S, it can DSD direct playback and PCM conversion playback. Supports DSDIFF and DSF file format. The DSD if 2.8MHz of USB memory · USB HDD file, DSD disc playback, can file playback on the shared folder, also supports multi-channel playback of DSD files. Is connected to the PC, when used as a USB DAC is also supports the playback of DSD 11.2MHz.
DSD 11.2MHz DSD disc which contains the data, it does not correspond to the playback from USB memory and on the network. Playback of DSD 11.2MHz sound source but only if you are using the ASIO output support of music playback software.

High quality design over details

Adopt highest peak DAC chip ES9018S

105 Series state-of-the-art DAC chip ES9018S of ESS Technology, Inc. that is used to is one of the 32bit DAC of the world's highest performance, OPPO Digital in the early products, such as adopting a ES9018S, boasts a number of achievements. 105 series, ESS's patented technology, HyperstreamTM DAC architecture and thorough protection against noise by using dime domain Jitter Eliminator, performs jitter measures, it has to allow for high-quality D / A conversion.

Stereo analog output only board

105 series stereo output-only board XLR output terminal of, equipped each one system the RCA output terminal. XLR output is used a differential output DAC, is fully balanced design to reduce common mode noise. Stereo output be used as the front L / R of the multi-channel environment, it is also possible to output the multi-channel audio for stereo environment by 2ch down mix.

7.1ch analog output only board

ES9018S is possible high-quality multi-channel playback by the 7.1ch analog output only board use. You can enjoy the latest format in high-quality sound in AV amplifier that does not have a HDMI input terminal.

Features I like:
(The features in bold are the ones I really like)

In Stereo: Keeps the ESS Sabre  ES 9018 DAC – their top chip
Solid drive, dampened and centrally mounted
Digital output: Coaxial & optical, so I can use this as a CD transport
4k upscaling – well maybe…
Universal voltage
Oppo remote control on your smart phone
Internal Tru-Hd and DTS-MA decoding with output as LPCM
Toroidal transformer
XLR output
New dampened chassis
Better jitter clock
DSD 11.2MHz
Dual HDMI output (HDMI 1.4)
Fancy footers
Ability to playback DSD256 native & 32/384kHz PCM files via USB DAC input

Things I dislike:

Remote feels really cheap – same one they have been using for a long long time..
No DVD code free
No USB 3.0
Still HDMI 1.4 – not true 4k

This player was released in Japan with a lot less fanfare then you will hear about in the usual forum. I guess having only 500 units or so has something to do with it.
Plus there will be some people who might question the wisdom of releasing yet another 1.4 HMDI only player with no real 4k this late in the game. So why buy one now?

I have owned or used every single Oppo Blu Ray player ever made, and this addition belongs to the less often travelling path.

Some people will only use their BR players for video playback, and may not even have a sound system. This player is not for them.

There is a much smaller group of users, who not only use their BR players for BR playback, but also use it as the centre of their music system and demand the best music playback from the same player.

I have also owned the older Nuforce 83, which was famous for the quality of the sound in playing back CDs. This player started a whole trend of aftermarket modifications, done with or often without the blessings of Oppo. You have local modifiers who may simply buy one or two players, pop the hood, then exchange a few parts and then resell it, or like Modwright, turn it into a whole next industry.

This is a official, Oppo sanctioned version, more akin to the Marantz KI or Pearl edition type players, with special magic creative dust breathed upon it by people who have done their tours of duty in Denon, Marantz and other audiophile companies.

So it is not meant to be just another pseudo-4k upscaling player to join the market. But a concerted effort to not only play Blu Ray discs, but play them and other discs or media at the highest possible levels of fidelity.

We will see if the magic dust hits the spot..

The player is responsive, there are clicks like the 105, and it is warm to the touch but it seems a little less warm than the 105D standard. Apart from the cheesy remote control, it feels well screwed together, and it feels like it will last quite a few years. The drawer in particular feels quite solid.

The Oppo looks almost identical to the Oppo 105 and at first glance, you might mistake one for the other. But it is still significantly heavier with the 3mm thick base plate. There are no fans, so the extra height probably helps with air circulation. The texture of the metal case is also different.

How does the modified Oppo sound?

SABRE ESS chip has been used in much top audio equipment, and is well regarded.
It allows very detailed retrieval of audio information, and takes no prisoners, so what you hear is what you get. With a price tag that's about a grand more than the usual 105D, what do you get?

When it was used as a CD player, there was a good soundstage, and a solid bass note, with good pace and rhythm. The sound seems a little less bright, and less fatiguing over prolong listening compared to the older 105D. Buyers looking for a BR player that can hold a tune will not be disappointed. In fact, it was so much fun, I took the NA 11 out of the system and used it directly to my PM 11 S3. There is good depth to the soundstage, and the detailed retrieval of information is enhanced, yet musical, without making pop records sound bad. There is also a good bass line, and it certainly fulfills the PRAT criteria.

You can still pick out the details in the 105D standard, but it does draw you into the music more.

As a CD player, it can stand head to head with CD only players in the $1000 or more range, and when used as a CD transport for my Marantz NA 11S1, it was very competent, and think those who just want to use it in the manner will find it quite satisfactory.

You will find that it offers enough to distance itself from the cheaper standard 105D. It's trademark seems to be detail without the fatigue, and a nice deep soundstage.

So who should consider this player?

With Blu Ray players available for under $100, if all you want is a BR player for playback of BR discs on a small screen, you won’t need to spend this much on the Limited Edition player, or the 103 / 105 for that matter.

But if you want a transport, that can playback all your disc formats, and give the extra edge in playback that allows you to get just that much more from your CD collection, plus do solid playback of all other formats on USB, network and still act as the centerpiece of a home theatre system, it will still be very attractive.

But with only 500 pieces, you can be sure that those already out on the market will find ready buyers in a jiffy. I can see this becoming a collector’s item.

 I have no financial interest or other interests in any of the items / events I write about.


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