What to do if there's a power trip

So one moment you are boiling water in that kettle and the next minute there's a loud pop and everything goes dark.
So what should you do?

The first thing is to turn off the appliance.

Then try it again and see. If it doesn't work see if the adjacent appliances are also affected.

Typically a trip occurs due to a power surge. The surge is contained by a fuse which can be located within the appliance but more often on the wall plug. Typical wall plugs are rated for 10-13 amperes and the wall socket for 15A.

At the same time the circuit break will also trip. You know because a whole series of items are affected. These use the same series of power line shared by the item that tripped.

So the next step is to take a torch light and open the circuit break box.

Then check if all switches are in the up position.
Look for the odd one which is down. That's the one that has tripped.

In addition usually a section switch which is blue in color will also trip.

Switch both to the up position. Switch the black one first then the blue.

If the switch refuses to go up or trips again then that means it's protecting against some power surge which is still happening.

Go back to the offending appliance and check. Maybe there's water or something that is causing high current flow.

Usually once you switch out the appliance it will be fine.

If everything fails then call an electrician :

Lim Poh Seng : 9635 3112

Or the repair company eg the oven guy.
But try the steps first. The oven guy charges $100 per visit even if you just have a fuse box issue.


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