Shipping to Singapore thread - options and tips, read this before you order

These days, many shops in SG have closed so ordering from overseas gives you variety, value and goes right to your door step!

Some general notes:

- check the cost differences, vpost not always better or cheaper
- if time is important, go direct
- for those shipping other items, check that they can be shipping, eg vpost does not ship speakers

- check with your credit card, some have an additional discount

Firstly, the pro of a local dealer:
- service
- warranty
- technical expertise
- product less likely to run the risk of being damaged, and if it is DOA, an exchange is easily sorted out

The cons:
- the local dealer may charge a much higher price
- service may be only half decent

The pros of doing it yourself, or via a professional shipper:

- price = the difference in price can be quite significant (will list some examples later and others can chip in)
- better features
- not available locally

- the risk of damage
- voltage issues (more on this later)
- claiming warranty or this may be non-exisitent
- the product may not work locally (tuner channels, NTSC TV sets only)
- complicated shipping
- non-existent shipping
- high tax / cost of shipping
- lousy shipping (more on the choices of shipping)

Now amazon offers free shipping:

BUT do note the conditions:

- only items by Amazon, not third party sales
- look for the checkbox on the side and tick Shipping to Singapore AND Free International Shipping

Note that sometimes the first item that appears isn't the amazon listed one with free shipping. It can appear on the side as an alternative. This sometimes happens if there's another seller which is cheaper or has current stock

There are also size limitations and pre-orders don't qualify.

Add it up to USD 125 and viola!

I have even found that colgate is cheaper in USA than in SG!

Other Amazon tricks:

- put the items in your cart

Use websites like Camelcamelcamel or price tracker to get the lowest price

What other sites can you buy from?

Especially if the item in question does not ship over?

Well, vpost is one, but it has been lambasted by many. Comgateway is another. There are also other concierge shippers in play now.

Taobao is another site and now there are also shippers that cater to the growing number of people who buy from TB or Alibaba

Finally some notes on using your credit cards.

The summary of this article is:

Pay in the currency you order from, NOT the SG$.

Amex has the highest commissions and now some banks cards give rebates for online shopping from overseas, like the UOB ONE card. Shop around, it pays. Literally!


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