Things to ask for when buying a new Vezel

Vezel : Standard Freebies:-
1) Leather seats
2) Entry level HU unit (eg AVH-X2650BT)
3) 3yrs warranty 100000 or 5yrs 120000
4) basic engine oil change servicing fixed below 150 including gst (cap viscosity at w30)
5) All models steering wheel volume etc button linked to HU.
6) Rebate level max 2k below last closing COE
7) Either no top up or to be fair to dealers, max cap 2k top up above last closing COE
8) reverse camera 2 sensors

Freebies To be firmly requested/demanded/negotiated:-
{especially if taking full allowable loan and max allowable tenure}
1) upgrade to high spec HU (eg AVH-X8650BT or Appradio 4)
2) 3-in-1 Anti UV, Anti infrared, Anti shatter solar films
3) wireless mirrorlink function included with HU to link iphone or android
4) 1-2yr 100% free servicing package -manufacture listed viscosity branded engine oil of choice
5) paint protection sealant or paint protection film
6) High spec front & rear recording camera
7) other body kits and accessories
8) reverse n front parking camera and 4 sensors front + 4 sensors rear


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