Car options from 100 to 140k

I have grouped my suggestions into four price ranges.
These are just some ideas, covering sedans, MPVs, SUVs and hatchbacks that you want.


The new Kia K3 will come in under 100k and has a solid conti feel.
The Mazda 3 is a fine car, although the outgoing Corolla is the epitome of reliability. However you may feel that after the Volvo it will be very hard to return to a Jap or Thai made car. The interior feel, the level of safety etc is quite different.

The Honda HRV from Kah Motors is a very dependable, spacious car, and being made in Japan, it offers a lot for not too much money. 5 star safety rating too. However it's still a Jap car and once more the feel is different.
You can also wait for the 2017 Corolla.
Only the Mazda brand offers a conti feel, and likewise, Kia actually feels very solid too. 


Now at this budget, there are much more choices of cars with a nicer feel. The outgoing Camry is spacious and dependable. The Mazda 6 will carry your family and more. Solid feel, and drives well too. Plus it's pretty fuel economical and has a conti feel. 
You could opt for another Volvo V40, it is a safe car, and as an outgoing model, they are more likely to offer discounts on it. 
But do check on things like the loan quantum, how hard is it to get a service booking, etc


Now this is where it gets really interesting. 

My choices will be either a Parallel Import Toyota Harrier SUV or the Mercedes B180.
For reliability, luxury and decent fuel consumption, the Harrier is very impressive. Plus it's spacious, and there are many on the road, so getting spares isn't hard. The main issue is that it's a PI car, so you need to do some homework. Thankfully, one of our friends is a PI and can sort this out without the perils.

The B180 offers a lot for the money.
It's safe, has been around since 2011 without much fuss, good fuel economy too, and has more space than a Merc E class! So putting the entire family in is easy. If someone is less mobile or you need to transport kids or parents, it's a piece of cake. There are many functions and other reasons which make it attractive, so read on for more info:


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