Air Force One - movie review

I have been following the aftermath of the US elections and I decided to pop this old movie into the player. The feel of the movie totally a 90s one with the music, the acting and even the dialogue. There's a certain "Die Hard in the Sky" feel about it, and Harrison Ford was a young and handsome man back then.

Gary Oldman was a tour de force - playing the villain great alacrity and yet, between takes, he was a riot of fun, resulting in the crew calling the movie "Air Force Fun".
This movie had the elements of the best actioners - good plot, tight  editing, and chemistry between the actors. The action was well executed and despite the music and dialogue, it's still a riot of fun. 
Incidentally Harrison Ford was regarded as the guy who most movie goers want as the next president, and that sort of contrast with the current POTUS. In the movie, you see a whole bunch of people throwing themselves in harm's way to protect the president, and some of them sacrificing their lives in the process. I really wonder if the very same officers and other men will do the same for Trump..
There have been other films where the president is under attack, in peril, etc, but this one gives the most food for thought. I wonder if we can remain objective if our family is being threatened, and do we really expect our leaders to fight back in such conflicts.
The recent movies like "Olympus Has Fallen" has cool action scenes, but the acting leaves a lot to be desired. Even now, Harrison looks the part. 

The soundfield isn't as good as the latest releases, but it does quite well and stands up to the test of time. Recommended as a rental at least or if you like the Die Hard genre or Harrison Ford, this is a keeper. 


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