Mission Impossible Fallout Movie Review

What are the common adjectives to describe an action movie?
Breath-taking stunts, bone crunching combat, breakneck pacing, side splitting dialogue with side kicks and a dash of romantic interlude?
Well, here we have a movie with a functional plot, and an extremely hardworking superstar who really strives to make it work.. he is a wonderful chef, placing all the adjectives together into a wonderful movie which he dishes out with all his heart, blood and guts. That's the short take on this..

There are not too many stars these days who will put their life and limb on the line for one movie, but how about doing that for half a dozen in the ongoing franchise? One simply gasps in amazement at the stunts and it's not merely one stunt, but the entire movie is one daredevil manoeuvre after another. Take half of them away and you still have a solid action movie. So I do allow Mr Cruise his indulgence, since he is basically in every single scene and he does dominate the movie.

However he is fortunate to have a wonderful cast assembled around him, and the Ving Simon combo add a comedic relief, as well as some time off the Cruise Mode.. Sim Pegg does get a bit more time, I reckon there must be a few requests for him to get extra screen time and he is involve in two of the most successful franchises in recent times. He even gets to get rough with the villains. Speaking of bad guys, I felt that Solomon Lane aka Sean Harris was under utilised, he was positively diabolical in the last outing, and he is reduced to a tame house trained mouse here.

As for the other villain, I think he wanted to consider a different role, so he does not get typecast as the Man Of Steel. His movie choices have ranged from spy, to soldier types and now still spy, but with that twist. I can't say much for that moustache though.. Hercule Poirot on steroids?

As for the chick factor, despite their limited screen time, both ladies did well and did not appear to be vases. It's interesting to see that Rebecca Fergerson in a more muted role, but then I realised that she was actually pregnant when she did those stunts.

Speaking of stunts, I have to say, Mr Cruise is the man, he is Hollywood's Jacky Chan. Perhaps not as frenetic, but certainly his workrate and ethnic is far ahead of many others. And he is no spring chicken either. He is doing stuff that will cause someone half his age to pee in their pants. Not for the faint hearted will be an understatement. And this is a hallmark of the Mission Impossible Franchise. The stuntwork is amazing and deserve a whole paragraph. Movie goers will get their money's worth and more. Tom Cruise broke his ankle in one stunt and he runs like a gazelle, chasing down the villains with all his heart. You can't CGI that. Take that Bond and Bourne!

The only caveat will be how long he can do this and with so many characters, plus his desire to have his hands and face in almost everything, will that spoil it and will there be more missions and how can he top this.. well I think that Ethan Hunt will continue to accept the mission and bring his band of loyal sidekicks for yet another instalment. The Rock or Matt Damon for the next movie perhaps?

Highly recommended. 4/5


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