Clash of the Titans in 3D - movie review


3D movies are now coming out fast and furious and you know you are in for a nasty time when the most three-dimensional thing is the subtitles.


The plot has not changed much and follows much of the older movie, with 3D added post production presumably to cash in on this new craze. Well lets just say that the 3D effect is flatter than an airport runway, and instead, you get this faint halo effect or grainy enlargement of the character. The picture quality is also poor, were they trying to convince us this was an 80s production? The CGI was sporadic, with the scorpion scene nicely done, whilst Medusa looked worse than the Scorpion King animation which is almost 8 years old now.


Sam Worthington tries almost single-handedly to rescue this movie and the people who hired him got their money’s worth from him. He grimaces, growls and slashes his way through the movie pulling the others along and almost makes the movie watchable. There are a few laughs and some decent action scenes, but for a 2010 movie, the bass and sound was surprisingly flat (pun intended). The surrounds were also not used much, and you wonder if this was a direct to video production. In fact the first 30 minutes resembled a B grade movie and Sam W looked like he was hopping back and forth from Avatar, especially since he basically had the same hairdo and all he had to do was retain his Aussie accent here, and swop over to a Marine’s grunt in Avatar.


The director also seems to be lacking ideas, borrowing the big scorpions from Michael Bay’s Transformers I, the Kraken looked pretty similar to an Alien, and the lady tied to be sacrificed had her set borrowed right out of King Kong. With a 2 dimensional storyline, indifferent special effects and a decidedly poor implementation of 3D, this movie looks to be a rental at best, and if you plan on seeing this in the cinema, just go 2D, and you will feel less cheated.


Avatar was the epitome of 3D for the year, and efforts like this leave such a bad aftertaste that the skeptics will feel subsequent productions are merely cashing in on the phenomenon and don’t really use 3D to add much to the plot.


Action 3/5 Plot 2.5/5


Chick factor – well Gemma Atherton was a hottie and looks better here than in James Bond if you asked me, and I wished she has a meatier role, rather than imitating an “Etheral” from Riddick. And whoever played Medusa was a fine looked inspite of her dreadlocks. 3.5/5

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