Terminator II UK Skynet Edition (Region B )

Terminator II


This is one movie which defined all action movies in its decade and its legacy still lives on with 2 sequels after. It was the movie which define its main actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, sealing his reputation as The Action Star of the 90s. its CGI was Oscar winning and cutting edge and even today it still feels fresh. The marriage of good action enhanced rather than defined by mere CGI, plus an engaging storyline and the clever use of the villain turned hero, got us rooting for the underdog, and hoping it will beat the seemingly unstoppable T-1000.


Over the years, so many versions have been released that if you were a hard-core Home Theatre Hobbyist, you will have owned at least one version. Well, I have the THX Judgment Day version, the lossy DD Blu ray version, then the DTS-MA HD DVD and now the Ultimate Skynet edition on Blu Ray.


So how good is this latest version? If you have any of the older ones, should you part with more cash for the money suckers creating yet another edition? Actually from a practical stand point, the older Blu Ray was so bad, almost any new release would beat it, and HD DVD is a dying format. And it does offer better picture quality than the older SD DVD, so its quite a no brainer.


Now at 7 GBP after you deduct VAT, that’s a really sweet price. But note that it is a region B only disc.


It comes with a DTS-MA 6.1 soundtrack, that begs you to turn up the volume and enjoy the surrounds plus a decent bass track. Now this move will not rival the best of 2009, such as Die Hard 4, Star Trek etc, but it is still decent and with the gripping storyline, it will sit proudly on your shelf and make you want to pop the disc in for a spin every now and then. The picture quality does not fair as well as the sound, it is not bad, and in the daylight scenes, the colours are rich, and it is a definite upgrade over the older releases.


Furthermore, it is packed with extras and has 3 versions of the movie. Note that it takes a while to load up, being BD-live.


Plot 4.5/5

Action 4.5/5

Chick factor – well a muscular Linda Hamilton well only make James C drool but somehow she does not cut it as eye candy. 2.5/5


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