Life - Blu Ray Review


LIFE - BBC series

4 discs - region free.


If BBC's Planet Earth was the aperitif that showcases what High Definition could do, then Life is the tour de force course which reinforces it and more... The picture quality here, the kind of detail on offer is so astounding, you almost feel voyeuristic in your vantage point. Sure the plethora of action movies on offer is plenty, and you can get many CGI scenes but if you want real action accompanied by real gore, and lots of surround effects, look no further.


As for the plot - let’s just say Mother Nature knows how to give you a great story, and you are in the middle of the gripping action watching animals fight for their lives. This is accompanied by Sir Attenborough's wonderful narrative in his natural calm smooth voice - forget the Oprah version chaps, this is the real man.


Life does not leave you short-changed when comes to the sound. With total immersion, you almost feel seated right in the middle of the forest, or just a hair's breath away from the insect just as it is swallowed by the chameleon concealed only inches way.


Nature is a cacophony of sound and BBC adds a delicate hand with the accompanying music. You don’t need big explosions to give your subwoofer a workout. There are plenty of moments bass is used to good effect to give tension and you will appreciate the money you put into good speakers as the music adds to the moment and there are plenty of sequences which will take your breath away in the quality of the cinematography, the sound, the picture quality and most importantly how the intricacies of life unfold before you and you witness the struggles of life first hand. With the end of each episode, you get an insight into how each shot was done, and with it rolling of the credits, you will feel life is even more precious and a strange and strong desire to live it well.



Bravo to BBC for producing this and offering at at a pittance of 33 GBP.

PQ: 5/5

SQ: 4.5

Highly recommended as a keeper.



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