Toy Story III - is outstanding!


Toy Story 3

When Pixar first emerged, their first movie was the start of a long string of hits which never seems to stop. With Toy Story I, you had a hit which was a mix of startling animation, lots of fun but mostly important and yet ironical in an animation, the human touch. The story of a bond of friendship between two different personalities, overcoming adversity together, along with genuine chemistry, lots of funny lines and some excitement made an instant hit of the first show. Can they make it 3 hits in a row?

Toy Story II was even better and there is a lot to prove almost 10 years after the first release. It also comes in 3D and with a string of duds and some skepticism that 3D is merely a means to squeeze more out of the movie goer, the third installment has a lot to live up to. But trust Pixar to not only live up to expectations, but exceed them, and be able to introduce a whole new bunch of characters, which add a new dimension, but still allow the original dynamic duo of Buzz Lightyear and Woody to shine.

Adults do not need to feel shy watching this show and it rivals my old favorite of Indiana Jones for its wonderful mix of action, romance and comedy sublimely mixed into a heartwarming show that still manages to add a new dimension even if you saw it in 2D only. The owner Andy has grown up and is going to college. The theme of abandonment, and redundancy are deftly dealt with, whilst introducing a new adventure and a roller-coaster ride of death-defying action that sees our heroes fall from one tough situation into another. There are darker moments in this movie than some of the earlier hits, and this follows “UP” which also showed a darker broodier side. Even so you won’t find kids complaining and you will be laughing along and if you decided to bring your partner, this would certainly be a nice date movie too, especially when Spanish Buzz shows off his dancing skills. That and the totally impossibly saccharine Ken and Barbie link up were the kind of romance scenes which would get you rolling in laughter and yet when Buzz gallantly rescues Jessie, that rivals any heroes moves, and certainly better than any Colin Firth or Hugh Jackman offerings.

Ultimately it is still about Woody and Buzz and our loveable heroes show the best action stars out there, how to get out of trouble in style, get the girl and save the world or at least the toy buddies in your backyard.

Highly recommended as a movie and a keeper for Blu Ray. 4/5

The action comes fast and furious and there are plenty of scenes which are demo worthy, and the surround channels are well used. 4/5

Barbie isn’t much of a chick factor, but this is after all a cartoon. 2/5

Since I saw this in 3D, I would say that it adds a little more, but it shows again that a good storyline is fundamental, and the 3D is the icing on the cake which makes a good show stand out even more. Kudos to Pixar.



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