Liang Wern Fook's First Instrumental Album "Please Tell Her"
Release of Dr Liang Wern Fook's First Instrumental Album "Please Tell Her"


Cultural Medallion Award (Music) 2010 winner, Dr Liang Wern Fook's highly anticipated new recording and first instrumental album, "Please Tell Her" will be on sale at CD-RAMA, Popular Bookstores from 6 Dec 2010. Produced by Jiu Jian, Artistic Director of Ko-nen Creative, the instrumental album includes 12 of Dr Liang's best classic ballads like "Please Tell Her", "Worries" and "If There're Seasons" and features prominent local musicians including Elaine W. Chan, Bang Wen Fu , Tan Kah Yong and Peng Chi Sheng. Dr Liang's new contemporary Chinese poems will also be showcased in the album.

Well I am a big fan of local productions, and of course he is my "si siong" in school, so that makes it two reasons to get this.

However it was rather disappointing...

Technically the recording is good, but its more Jimmy Chan than Liang Wern Fook...

It is a jazzed up version of some of his famous hits. And it reminds me of those music played in restaurants, and shows no real new breakthrough.

I listened to most of the album already, and there are many familar hits to hum too, but its nothing new.

Recommended for those nostalgic people and those who just prefer instrumentals.

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